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The Free Press Wants to Help Republicans


John Kasich Image 1The Detroit Free Press Editorial Board endorsed Ohio Governor John R. Kasich in the March 8th Republican Presidential Primary yesterday. Governor Kasich is a fine man with many worthwhile qualifications, but every poll and vote this year indicate that he is way out of step with the current political zeitgeist. Common Core, Medicaid expansion, and global warming are not Republican crowd pleasers. Even the Democratic Presidential candidates are soft peddling these losers.

Is there a single genuine Republican in Michigan stupid enough to believe that the Detroit Free Press Editorial Board would actually do anything of benefit to the Republican Party, nationally or in Michigan?

Remember that the Detroit Free Press Editorial Board endorsed our current “I know noooooothing” RINO Governor not just once, but twice. Governor Snyder and his merry band of brown-nosing bureaucrats have really boosted the fortunes of the Michigan Republican Party, haven’t they? Even the DeVos family – big Kasich contributors in Ohio Governor racesare not peddling him in Michigan.

So why would the Detroit Free Press Editorial Board endorse Governor John Kasich in the Republican Presidential Primary? Two possibilities: the arrogance of the witless, or another ploy to destroy the Michigan Republican Party.

You decide.

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Donald Ducking Duke: Trump’s betrayal of Republican’s Abolitionist roots.

Apparently Donald Trump’s supposed affinity for Hairpieces is not his only flirtation with WHIGS. Since the Iowa caucuses robocalls, endorsements, and rumors of ties with White Supremacist groups have been quietly dogging the yuuuuge campaign juggernaut that is the Donald. The issue finally came to a head this last week when the media decided to finally start asking the Donald actual questions, rather than lobbing Morning Joe softballs.
On Sunday the supposed Not a politician,in perpetuum presidential candidate,with the rumored Genius level IQ, claimed to be unaware of who David Duke even was, and was apparently unaware of why the question even applied to his campaign.

This latest controversy is opening the doors for many to ask, who is the real Donald Trump?  Is he the Political genius outsider?  or is he a Bondesque evil genius billionaire plotting to rule the world?  Here is a second Link of Dana Loesch explaining the article for Donald’s base, as he describes them, the “poorly educated he “Loves so much.” 
To be Fair we need to follow the Complete timeline.
In February, 2000, Donald Trump revealed that he knew enough about Duke to point out that the Klan member’s entourage is “not company I wish to keep.”
At the time, Trump was considering running for the presidency on the Reform Party ticket. He ultimately refused to go for the nomination, citing the party’s troubling connections.
”So the Reform Party now includes a Klansman, Mr. Duke, a neo-Nazi, Mr. Buchanan, and a communist, Ms. Fulani. This is not company I wish to keep,” Trump said.

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