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Why Schmidt???…

Why recall Wayne...

12231453_1517169498596422_1600511783_nI posted the MIRS article on our filing of petition language to recall Senator Wayne Schmidt to a certain local talk radio host when it came out to see if he was interested in it…His response…Why???…

After Prop-1, the Senate primary campaign against MacMaster, the red light cameras, and now the gas tax, he asked WHY???!!!…

PastedGraphic-1Granted, I’ve only lived up here for a measly 24 years, but during that time I was unfortunate enough to get to know Schmidt and how he operates from his stint in House District 104…been following the guy ever since…enough to know how arrogant, condescending, and downright hypocritical the man is…  Wayne Schmidt is the establishment GOP poster boy, “groomed for leadership” and a “team player” (ask George McManus)…His campaign ads boast of his “conservative values”…his voting record screams progressive liberal!!!…Wayne Schmidt never met a tax or fee he didn’t like, vote for or actually sponsor…He thinks the State should own far more land than it already does, and that the people in Lansing know far better than the folks in CD1 how to run a railroad (pun intended)…He calls himself a Republican, but votes like a Democrat, perhaps if our effort is successful he can take the opportunity to switch parties…

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State Of The State Program Guide Contest Announced

Pure Michigan student creativity unfolding before our eyes.

sotsprogramcoverdesigncontest_cropHey kids, get your art skillz on!

The Michigan State of the State address by governor Rick Snyder is coming soon!  You can watch him get away with breaking the law, tell little white lies (or little dark ones), and learn how much you are already in debt in under two hours!  Gosh, what a treat! (or a trick)

But wait, there is more!

From the Michigan State Department of Propaganda comes a new contest: Design The State of the State Program Cover!

“Students can submit their designs today through Jan. 3. The top five designs – judged by their creativity and originality – will be announced through social media on Jan. 5 and posted on Snyder’s Facebook page. The winning design will be determined by which one receives the most ‘Likes’ on Facebook by the end of the day on Jan. 8.”

Gosh what fun!

To make it easier for our precious snowflakes, here is what the winning entry should look like.

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