Time Wounds all Heels

This ought to be fun to watch play out.


No Todd, it’s irony you elected and, endorsed as MI-GOPe approved.


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  1. Isabelle Terry
    December 8, 2015 at 7:13 pm

    This is all to make an example of Todd and Cindy for bucking MIGOP leadership. Period. The party elite are merciless to people who don't yield their power and loyalty to THEM. So Todd and Cindy are in real legal trouble. the system can be bought. Judges, lawyers, probation officers ... wake up... all the While Calley's idiotic brother gets 6 months probation for a HIT and RUN!!! We can all assume that the political elite are footing the legal bills for the so called aggrieved staffers. Laws are for the "little' people.... and so is punishment. This is not ENTERTAINMENT people!! This is tyranny. Come down from your sanctimonious ivory towers and SEE.

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    • Corinthian Scales
      December 9, 2015 at 10:09 am

      Ma'am, to whip-out with one of my favorite Carlin lines, "It's all bullshit, and its bad for you." Look, I'm with you on what this taxpayer funded, Cotter/McBroom orchestrated circus show is all about. I haven't been referring to our legends in their own mind's of elected power as the UniParty without reason. The system can be corrupted? No, t'was pure coincidence that a Republican prosecutor called off the MSP investigation on Bolger and Schmidt electioneering. Outcome? Bolger's last term as Speaker - elected unanimous. Term limited Cotter? Elected unanimous. See a problem there?

      Li'l bro Calley with an apparent dabs issue, teaching his spawn to shoplift, and also running over his jailbird Jezebel who ended up in a hospital? Nah, none of that was profiled here, nor was the Republican county commissioner, prosecutor, and AG ties suggestion the 6 month probbie time outcome, which you mention. Players on Team R had to present some kind of pound of flesh for viewing, right? Well, there it is. If you ain't on the inside, you're on the outside or, as you write, the "little people."

      Here's where I have a real problem with it all. Speaking from experience, if one decides to be a rebel, one cannot fail to accept the costs that come with being a rebel. Do they outweigh the rewards? Sometimes. Sometimes not. It all comes down to how cunning one is when crafting their game. Which, begs the question, if one knows or, now claims to be "his [Cotter] worst political enemies," then who in their right mind would provide such ammunition to said "party elite"?

      These are stupid people we're talking about. All of them. Doubt the depths of stupid and "the system can be bought"? A judge recently made any charges go away on Joe Gamrat, who played a major role in the whole show we're watching play out now. I have never read such a nauseating document as the MSP report. It is a profile on Low T, orbiting beta manlet behavior that left me completely gobsmacked. Lemme provide a little CS insight here: a key that opens many locks is a Master Key. A lock that can be opened by many keys, is a shitty lock.

      It's all bullshit, and its bad for you.

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