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Oakland County GOP Leadership Blunders Its Way to Disgrace Yet Again

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Last week, the duly elected members of the Oakland County Republican Party (OCRP) executive committee called a special meeting to replace a deceased member of the 8th District Committee, which is clearly permitted under the by-laws.

Following the rules down to the letter, I prepared an email that called for the special meeting. It received the 30+ endorsements from members that were needed to conduct the meeting. The membership agreed upon a date and time, and business was narrowly focused on filling the 8th District vacancy.

This sounds simple enough, right? But in the twilight zone freak show that is the modern-day Republican Party, nothing can ever be easy. It’s always gotta be like pulling teeth. It always has to be a nightmare. And this was no exception.

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Remember the Good ‘ol Days of Weeper Boehner?

Ya, me too. Nevertheless, via Drudge:

Builds Fence Around Mansion — Doesn’t Fund Nation’s Border…
$1.6 billion to resettle illegals INSIDE USA…
300,000 Visas For Muslim Migrants In One Year…
Writes Check To Sanctuary Cities…
Quadruples H-2B Visas…
Speeds to floor…

Happy reading and, I’d like to leave you with a recently obtained photo of Speaker Ryan’s regularly scheduled exercise time with FLOTUS.


Before I go, some Twitter fun? Paul’s muhammadan name is, Demokrati el-Spenditali

Have a great weekend, folks!

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Bakers Green Acres Update

The farm was 'raided' yesterday .. well almost.

The state of Michigan is hypersensitive, particularly to Baker, and his operation.

Though yesterday’s ‘raid’ became less than eventful, it reminds us that the jackboot bureaucracy is always waiting for the slightest screw up by those whom it deems its ‘enemy.’ Mark is appreciative of those who on a moment’s notice showed up to witness.

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