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Who let the Dogs out???

Woof!…woof…woof, woof!!!


Today on Patriot Voice Radio, “Your Defending Fathers” got a bit carried away with the ‘thrill’ of victory…Trucker Randy evidently told the folks in northern Michigan about plans being laid to recall State Senator Wayne Schmidt…This is not new, as of the August primary campaign many of us paying attention to it were absolutely disgusted with then Representative (104) Schmidt’s campaign practices, and his insistence in his ads that he was a true conservative with conservative values…We know this is a blatant, arrogant lie…The only fly in our ointment is the timing, as we were on schedule to launch the recall organizational effort in August, to be totally prepared for an all out effort to get the recall on a statewide ballot by May of 2016…


After today’s radio program, my phone never stopped ringing, three calls from around the State from people who heard the broadcast, three conversations with Mr. Bishop, and then a blind call from a reporter at MIRS to confirm the effort…busy day…As this is now in the public forum, and supposedly in the news statewide, I feel obligated to confirm the facts of the matter and dispel any rumors to the contrary…We will be mounting an effort to remove State Senator Wayne Schmidt from office…The abysmal failure of Prop 1 yesterday shows support for conservative, common sense government in Michigan on a scale we could only imagine…The architect of this fiasco…one Senator Schmidt…


His record as Chair of the House Transportation Committee will be documented in following articles, where they may be checked for accuracy and authenticity…His sponsorship and support of Prop 1 will be duly noted as well, and his penchant for expanding government at ever increasing taxpayer expense will be exposed for anyone who cares to follow the course of this effort…Every phase of the recall procedure will be published, and released to the media…We may fail in the effort, but the mere attempt should put Wayne (as I like to call him) and all other legislators on notice…We will no longer stand by and watch as our government destroys the people they are Oath bound to serve…We’re NOT going away…

The Wayne Schmidt recall effort has now formally begun, May 6th, 2015…

Tom Backers

Committee to recall Wayne Schmidt (Not yet organized)




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Pssst! Hey Lansing?

Yes, I said Lansing, because, well, it took complete Republican control 4 years, 5 months, 5 days and $10 Million of our dollars to do absolutely nothing about our roads.

I’ll also remind readers that both the current Senate Majority Leader, and Speaker of the House, voted for and promoted Proposal 1 – Not One County Approved – by a devastating margin. That means for those elected ‘public servants’ in Lansing… with a rusty chainsaw.

Now, you boys and girls playing politician want to keep screwing around gouging us while shirking basic duties?

What’s most offensive is that voters were put in this position at all.

Road repair is a basic part of any state budget, one that the other states — 46 of them with part-time legislatures — are able to manage. There’s no excuse for underfunding our roads.

Our state budget increased $4.7 billion, nearly 10%, from fiscal years 2012 to 2015. New money was there: It just wasn’t spent on roads.

We’ll all be in Lansing if you keep it up. Sorry, former Rep. McMillin, but simply throwing more money at MDOT is not the complete solution and inspires others to consider that the path of least resistance answer.

No more tax hikes – No more excuses.

Snyder_54B_ballonKirk Steudle? Fire or prosecute… preferably both. Really, a missing bridge?

Rep. Pettalia, and Sen. Casperson, you’re both a disgrace. So is Schuette’s Public Integrity Unit.

The Nerd’s Ann Arbor SPARK clique days of maxing-out contracts are breathing its WALLY scheme death rattle. Complete Streets? Repeal that wasteful garbage. Neuter the MDOT bureaucracy. Streetscaping? NO. Michigan is underwater $7,500+ per head, and has yet another money vacuum waiting, which was aided by ineffectual state control.

Fix the goddam roads. Full stop.

Ps. we’ll see you Nerd bootlickers soon on your bullshit costly energy package

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Now What???…

Plan "B"...

CautionHere is a suggestion for the Legislature…You want us to modify the State Constitution???…Try this one on for size…Two simple fixes:

Step One:
Asphalt is petroleum based, the vehicles traveling over it use fossil fuels…The Kammer Land Trust fund has $26 Billion in it last time I checked, and it is Constitutionally protected…The State of Michigan already owns too much land, especially here up north…Change the Constitution to allow 50% of ALL future trust revenues to be used EXCLUSIVELY for road construction, repair and maintenance…

Step two:

The Legislature is currently going after the $20 Billion “No Fault” insurance fund, to the benefit of insurance companies, and in turn, insurance lobbyists who donate heavily to our elected officials and other candidates…They seem to think they don’t need all that cash just lying around…While you’re amending the Constitution to use the gas & oil revenues to partially fund roads, modify the “No Fault” law to do the same…both in perpetuity…
Raising the gas tax at the pump slightly would do the rest…ALL of which MUST be spent on roads and bridges…PERIOD!!!…
Run that one by the voters…you just might see it pass by the same margin…
Way too simple for our masterminds in Lansing???…

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