Pssst! Hey Lansing?

Yes, I said Lansing, because, well, it took complete Republican control 4 years, 5 months, 5 days and $10 Million of our dollars to do absolutely nothing about our roads.

I’ll also remind readers that both the current Senate Majority Leader, and Speaker of the House, voted for and promoted Proposal 1 – Not One County Approved – by a devastating margin. That means for those elected ‘public servants’ in Lansing… with a rusty chainsaw.

Now, you boys and girls playing politician want to keep screwing around gouging us while shirking basic duties?

What’s most offensive is that voters were put in this position at all.

Road repair is a basic part of any state budget, one that the other states — 46 of them with part-time legislatures — are able to manage. There’s no excuse for underfunding our roads.

Our state budget increased $4.7 billion, nearly 10%, from fiscal years 2012 to 2015. New money was there: It just wasn’t spent on roads.

We’ll all be in Lansing if you keep it up. Sorry, former Rep. McMillin, but simply throwing more money at MDOT is not the complete solution and inspires others to consider that the path of least resistance answer.

No more tax hikes – No more excuses.

Snyder_54B_ballonKirk Steudle? Fire or prosecute… preferably both. Really, a missing bridge?

Rep. Pettalia, and Sen. Casperson, you’re both a disgrace. So is Schuette’s Public Integrity Unit.

The Nerd’s Ann Arbor SPARK clique days of maxing-out contracts are breathing its WALLY scheme death rattle. Complete Streets? Repeal that wasteful garbage. Neuter the MDOT bureaucracy. Streetscaping? NO. Michigan is underwater $7,500+ per head, and has yet another money vacuum waiting, which was aided by ineffectual state control.

Fix the goddam roads. Full stop.

Ps. we’ll see you Nerd bootlickers soon on your bullshit costly energy package

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  1. Sue Schwartz
    May 6, 2015 at 2:56 pm

    What has been missing from all the discussions is what was really going on. We got front row seats on an expensive social engineering exercise to test how best to screw the masses. There was no way this was going to pass from the get-go. They are writing the textbook on what it will take to get us to lie down and let them run over us and Michigan apparently is the testing ground. The soundbites for this were intellectually insulting, but more so, was that the real purpose? What really grates me is all the money paid out and people actually got paid for insulting the masses. The whole of this lesson amounts to malfeasance, misfeasance of office, fraud on the public. Instead of breathing a sigh of relief, we need to gather ourselves, start recalls and petitions for part-time legislature, with the latter being ever more so apparent now.

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  2. KG One
    May 6, 2015 at 6:41 pm

    A "friendly" reminder/history lesson for Speaker Cotter.

    Another "republican" ran on an unambiguous no new taxes pledge.

    He didn't get re-elected.

    There are already several suggestions on expenditures to cut and programs to eliminate on just this site alone. I'll go out on a limb and say that there is a very strong possibility that even more will be coming from other sites and sources within the coming days.

    After the flower-power faction of the republican party gets back from tiptoeing through the tulips, it's best that as many of these as necessary be fast-tracked for approval.

    I'd be a tad more careful about even leaving the door open for ANY tax hikes when other options are readily available.

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    • Corinthian Scales
      May 6, 2015 at 8:19 pm

      KG, there are only two things to remember about Cotter... he's term limited and "unanimous".

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      • KG One
        May 7, 2015 at 5:17 am

        True, he's termed out in the House.

        But w/o saying more, as Tuesday's "Stomped-on-like-a-narc-at-a-biker-rally" vote has indicated, everything now is fair game...

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