Define “Blown Away”

Will Michigan continue to provide unchecked investments for unworthy results?

pure-somethingI would say that yes, we were indeed “Blown away” by the abuses of our state government allowing such abuse by the taxpayer.

Pure Michigan has become the key phrase for all thing corruptible and cronyist. According to Cap Con, much of the taxpayer largess spent on economic development has yielded zero benefit. They point out:

“.. In addition, some investment groups received millions through the fund but created zero jobs and no proceeds ..”

“Investment”  ..It has a catchy ring to it, yes?

Certainly the gravy train doesn’t have to stop here however.  It kept going right through the administration of the man who is quintessentially the father of government giveaways in Michigan.  Snyder had bragged up other money giveaways that might actually include real employment, along with questionable results

A $million here, a $million there.. Ask any county administrator facing legacy pension obligations what they might do with an additional 7 figures worth of cash.  Though Granholm was blissfully ignorant of real market economics and embarrassed herself with the blown away comment, the gravy didn’t exactly stop when he took office.

It still flows.

Perhaps its time to give up and work on that paperwork for the teleportation device development grant.



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