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Define “Blown Away”

Will Michigan continue to provide unchecked investments for unworthy results?

pure-somethingI would say that yes, we were indeed “Blown away” by the abuses of our state government allowing such abuse by the taxpayer.

Pure Michigan has become the key phrase for all thing corruptible and cronyist. According to Cap Con, much of the taxpayer largess spent on economic development has yielded zero benefit. They point out:

“.. In addition, some investment groups received millions through the fund but created zero jobs and no proceeds ..”

“Investment”  ..It has a catchy ring to it, yes?

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Enabling Is Bad M’K?

We reward the spoiled attitudes that have destroyed Detroit.

bailoutsBlame game.

From Capcon:

“The Democratic-controlled State Board of Education recently released a statement that appears to blame Michigan’s state government for the Detroit school district’s crippling debt. “

Full stop.

That’s a little like the stories of parent blaming McDonalds for their fat kids.  Below, are just a few of RightMi.com stories covering the incredible generosity of Michigan’s taxpayers under current GOP control.

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Canvas & The Wind Blowing

Hot air, rhetoric, and special interest conflates into a false idea of what inclusion truly is.

Big tent arguments have been the mainstay of Right Michigan since it’s inception.

commentaryBefore reading it I wasn’t sure where it might go.  But I found a worthwhile essay by Jack Spencer at Cap Con wrapped up in this way:

” Based on recent polling, neither major political party in this nation can, with a straight face, claim to have a “big tent” appeal. For years polling has shown that voters tend to want smaller government and to see government more as a problem than as a solution. Make no mistake about it; both of these sentiments are joined at the hip with the fear of freedom and liberty diminishing.

Theoretically this should be an advantage for Republicans. But in recent years it has been an advantage Republicans love to speak to but very rarely deliver on. “

Its worth noting that either party’s impetus for promoting THEIR version is the use of a large hammer; “smaller government” claim noted

To ‘promote’ business, claims of job creation aided-by-government is necessary, or to ‘promote’ a living wage for workers, control of those business entities is paramount. Is this a false populism of sorts? Neither party properly embraces truly free markets, true liberty, or lower government intervention.

Its worth reading the rest.

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