So What About The Big M?

The 'progressive' left will leave no institutions standing when it is through.

msu-towerHas the left destroyed all of our traditions yet?

Perhaps not, though progressives cannot abide by any roadblocks to the ultimate agenda of ‘change’ toward their vision of a Utopian prison for all.  David French in The Left Is Weaponizing Sports, reminds us that it ain’t over till every institution has been destroyed, and the bonds that hold us together have been severed:

While the NCAA — as perhaps the peak representative of progressive hypocrisy and cheap virtue signaling — is an easy target, its action raises a much more significant concern. Simply put, there are not many cultural spaces remaining where Americans can meet on more or less neutral ground — where Americans of all faiths and political beliefs can meet, unite, and share a positive communal experience.

Our political polarization is but one symptom of our increasing Balkanization. When I speak, I sometimes challenge audiences to name one significant cultural force or trend that is binding Americans together, rather than pulling them apart.

The NCAA is being used as a weapon.

Which begs a great big question:Aren’t we supposed to store weapons in a safe place?”

We should consider it.  The number of taxpayer subsidized NCAA facilities in Michigan is huge. Including Central Michigan University, University of Detroit Mercy, Eastern Michigan University, University of Michigan, Michigan State University, Oakland University, and Western Michigan University.

Well over a $Billion in MICHIGAN taxpayer subsidies go to these schools each year, to promote (among other agendas) the recent flavor of aesthetics destroying ‘progressive‘ lunacy.  Strangely, Michigan Republicans have failed to reign in the expense of such endeavors, and have proven only that they can provide lip service to the concept of conservatism, and dignity.

Perhaps I am overstating the power of the GOP in this state, but last I looked, a Republican majority exists in each branch within our state that could have effect on these institutions.  A constitutional mandate of support to higher education that defines no monetary value, is as flexible as those who craft our budgets, yes?

This year of course the Michigan GOP will fight again to place Republican posteriors in university control positions, and will still be unable to wrest control of these factories of cultural subversion from the progressive left for yet another cycle.  These state wide races will likely show a greater fight than in years past, as the chair of the MIGOP (YES, I am saying this) is doing a better job in recognizing some priorities.

But for all the work, it will be a long term change that proves to be the cure.

Even if the board positions in question are won by Republicans, there will still be majority control of the left, who will use what worked to bind us, in a way that instead, tears us apart.

And in each year as the left finds new ways to divide us? The in-control majority of Republicans will continue to provide funding for it all.

In perpetuity.


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  3 comments for “So What About The Big M?

  1. JD
    September 14, 2016 at 6:39 pm

    Michigan Republicans balked at the opportunity to 'clean house' at every publicly funded university who rushed to provide free legal counsel and effectively block the FBI from desperately needed interviews on state campuses 15 years ago following the attacks on our country.

    Any interest that I ever possessed in college sports (a favorite at the time) or the integrity of MiGOP leadership has waned ever since.

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  2. Mark
    September 15, 2016 at 1:58 pm

    It would be interesting to find out how many of our elected masters attended the M or its "little brother" in East Lansing. How many of our master's children and grandchildren attend or have mgraduated from the M, or the "little brother". Those are generally monetarily valuable credentials to have.

    The Real White Boy Rick is a proud M alum, and look how much we've benefitted because of it.

    None of them are likely to rock the boat as pertains to these institutions of higher learning.

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    • JD
      September 18, 2016 at 7:00 am

      To your point, Mark...your entire country/way of life is under attack...and you have to choose between allowing your 'alumni' brother/sister to be thrown in the street (with full benefits mind you) or much worse for treason/aiding the enemy vs lock step towing a political 'party' line to make certain that YOUR career and business/wealth path remains wholly uninterrupted.

      That is EXACTLY what happened in the days following our darkest hour(s) and our grandchildren need to be **TOLD** these facts again and again and at every opportunity (TeaPartiers wouldn't any more than the birth of pension obligation bond legislation exactly 4 years ago).

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