Where is the outrage?

Destroying private property.

Assaulting vulnerable citizens.

Outright theft.

Government warning media out of the area.

And that’s just the short list.

Is this the latest round of BLM protests you haven’t heard about yet?

The answer may surprise you.

{Find out below}

After catching up with online articles and various video feeds over the afternoon, I honestly thought that the situation couldn’t possibly get even more dystopian that it already was in Canada.

Citizens invoking their right to communicate with their elected officials (along with bouncy houses, hot tubs, BBQ’s and more people singing their national anthem than I can count), see Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms: Section 20, the kakistocracy running the government in Ottawa have directed the local police to engaged in full-blown riot tactics to quell the “violent, fringe minority”.

Think about that for a moment.

A city which has essentially taken on a carnival-like atmosphere until just last week, has had enough and taken upon itself to unleash the full force of its government on those who disagree with them.

Want to send a clear message to protestors? Box their vehicles in with armored cars, send in the military(?) wearing full combat gear, smash their windows and drag them out of their vehicle.

Dare to march in the street? Don’t mind that line of mounted police with orders to trample anyone who gets in their way…regardless of their age.

Want to curtail support for protestors? Seize their bank accounts and hold banks immune from liability. We will take great pleasure in doing so.

Scared yet? Well, if not, you’d better be!!! We haven’t even begun yet…

We’re going to take away your children and your pets if you do not obey!

And remember: It’s important to keep up a good image with the public. Don’t want to make your government look bad on the world stage.

Imagine if blatant human rights violations were to occur under Putin in Russia(/Ukraine), Maduro in Venezuela or Xi in China?

Hello? Legacy media…are you there?

And you wonder why you no longer have anyone trusting you to be objective any longer.

Making matters worse (is that even possible)? The Canadian House of Commons just approved the Emergencies Act a few minutes ago while I was writing this post. It’s still not a done deal, this needs to go through the Senate of Canada.

Regardless, you are only one step away from martial law.

This is Canada.

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