We want to work on people until they can no longer resist us.

There is something distinctly un-Canadian about not being civil.

It’s distressing to state publicly that a republic which has at its core foundation a freedom of not only speech, but of the press as well, having no compunctions seeing those two bedrock principles quickly being twisted into ersatz versions of themselves. Worse yet, no one seeming to care.

But, what else did you expect when people in power are not only challenged, by are visible threatened by those challengers?

{Find out below}

As of this morning, word is coming out that Windsor Mayor Dilkens is siccing the Canadian Police on Freedom Convoy Protestors. Exactly which agency is sketchy at the moment since people are being cleared out and the media has been moved unusually far away from the area.

If they follow the same playbook as they use on this side of the border (and I explicitly trust my source on this one), they’ll take preliminary steps: cordoning off and surrounding the area, shutting down ALL communications (i.e. you won’t be getting ANY bars on your phone) then move in and apprehending the principles involved. Part of the rationale behind this strategy is to elicit fear in Protestors, and the other is to cover their tracks if/when things go south.

Can’t have any bad press, when there isn’t any press around to report about it.

This has been building up throughout the week via a well-coordinated messaging campaign through the legacy media.

Unsurprising Channel 4 (NBC affiliate), has been carrying the most water and doing the best spin job to-date keeping the focus on the impact of the Freedom Convoy, but not addressing the causes. Channel 7 (ABC) and Channel 2 (Fox) have been doing a slightly better job of being “objective” with Channel 2’s Charlie Langton doing what he can to maintain the best appearance of impartiality on Huron Church while obeying the orders shouted to him via his earpiece.

Eastbound I-94 traffic (right-hand lanes) heading to the Blue Water Bridge in Port Huron Friday afternoon.

We heard from Gov. Whitmer denouncing a peaceful human rights protest as an “illegal blockade”. Adding insult to injury, she (via Windsor Mayor Dilkens himself) “offered heavy equipment, provide security and do whatever is required…” to end the protest.


Where was this determination from Gov. Whitmer when BLM was burning Michigan Cities to the ground or when someone was issuing illegal orders damaging Michigan’s economy in that process?

Sorry Gov, but your economic argument just doesn’t fly.

In Washington, we find out that not only has iPOTUS Biden been giving “pep talks” to his counterpart PM Trudeau, urging him to “crush them”, but offering the use of our own DHS to “monitor their activities”.

Don’t fear, he got them looking at you too as well, True Believers!

The is the best resolution of the file sent to me.

DHS has been tasked into chasing shadows while looking for a protest at the Super Bowl (FYI, as usual with the DOJ’s focus on problems, they’re looking in the wrong place).

But, when Conservatives give their advice, the reaction from Canadian Politicians was unusually visceral!

Now, this begs the obvious questions: WHY is there a Freedom Convoy to begin with and why won’t any Canadian Officials speak to the people involved.

I’ll sum up the first part.

Several weeks ago, Canadian PM Justin Trudeau ignored sound advice, and jammed through a mandate that any Canadian coming back over the border MUST have a vaccine passport (or quarantine upon re-entry to Canada), this includes Truck Drivers. Trudeau had about as much authority to do that on his own, as iPOTUS Biden did with his OSHA mandate on businesses with over 100 employees to get vaccinated or get fined/fired.

Despite violating numerous sections in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms (i.e. Section 2(b), 2(c), 6(1), 7, 20 & 31) and citing specious, at best, “science” (Canada has something like a 90% vaccine rate), he went through it anyways despite the clear and present danger to the supply chain.

That didn’t sit too well with a “fringe majority” who took it upon themselves to go to Ottawa and make their displeasure with his decision know (see Sections 20 in the link above) .

After the Freedom Convoy arrived in Ottawa, the vaxxed and super-boosted PM Trudeau announced that he had contracted the Wuhan virus. He would be self-quarantining and had no intention of meeting with the Voters anyway. The truckers stayed (and are still staying). Ottawa eventually turned into an almost carnival-like atmosphere, until Ottawa Police Chief Sloly looking at his political future, decided to kneel before the ruling class and crack down on the Truckers (here, too) along with their supporters.

The Freedom Convoy subsequently spread to not only multiple cities and provinces, but its effects were becoming harder and harder to hide from the public at large.When Trudeau did become well enough return to work, he didn’t stay very long when asked just what is so difficult in dropping an unnecessary and ineffective mandate in the first place.

I’m not kidding, he literally ran out of Parliament when asked point blank by a MP.

It should be noted that even though PM Trudeau is ignoring Canadian Voters (there IS an election coming up soon), Canadian Premiers have not; Quebec, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Prince Edward Island have all announced that they are dropping medical security theater . What about south of the border? Ontario will reportedly following suit very shortly.

Remember, upcoming elections.

Just one thing that I’d like to add before I wrap up this post. It is not a cliché that Canadians are, generally speaking, very polite. I’ve seen it first-hand when I used to run there.

The fact that a country known for its congeniality DOESN’T want to sit down for an hour or two and just talk, is it just me who finds this development very strange?

I cannot help but wonder why the legacy media in this country cannot take just five minutes and directly ask that same question as well

Are you curious?

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