Distract, divert and deny

Exactly what did you expect would happen?

Some people just don’t get it.

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Outlets trying to pass themselves off as “objective” sources of information are in a bit of a bind.

EXACTLY how do you tell viewers and readers why there are blockages on local roads and freeways, without telling them exactly why they are happening in the first place?

Focus the majority of your reporting on the effects, but (very) briefly mention the actual cause…that’s how!

That subterfuge will not work in the long-term…more about that in a moment.

The legacy media outlets here in Detroit are now forced to report on not only the shutdown at the Ambassador Bridge in Detroit, but that it has now expanded to the Blue Water Bridge in Port Huron, as well.

Traffic on I-94 going into Port Huron has been backed up pretty much all day today as Truck Drivers attempting to get into Canada had foregone taking the Ambassador Bridge, and instead, take the more “indirect” Blue Water Bridge route instead. That worked until “protestors” shut down traffic going across that bridge as well.

Entrance ramps along I-94 east are being blocked off and traffic has been backed up for miles. THE reason behind why this is occurring I have mentioned in a previous post.

Now, here is where things will be getting interesting.

What most people don’t actually realize is just how interdependent we are with Canada. There is a significant amount of goods and materials being shipped across in both directions every day. With that effectively shut down (the Great Lakes are still covered in ice…no shipping by water for some time), the effects will be harder and harder to miss.

And hide!

I’ve been told from some friends who work at several local trucking companies who run loads for the B3, that they are essentially shutting down due to the unavailability of parts. Compounding problems; the parts which can be shipped, now cannot because of the lack of parts from Canada. They’re trying to get them other runs in the meantime, but many of these companies are under contract to the B3 and need to get back to them as soon as the word is given.

A quick explanation for those outside of the business; when the auto plants cannot receive parts shipments, auto companies just don’t continue manufacturing product and simply add the missing piece(s) to that product after it has rolled off of the line. Sometimes they do (i.e. chip “shortage”), but not always. The standard procedure is to shut the ENTIRE PLANT down. This means employees are sent home with instructions to wait to be contacted by the company on when to return. I haven’t even gotten to the effects on Tier 1, 2 or 3 suppliers who are making parts with nowhere to send them. Now those employees are going to be sent home.

That’s just one industry.

If you thought Bidenomics did wonders at your local grocery store with empty shelves, just wait until you go to a Target, Meijer or Wal Mart and see the same thing with everyday items, “disappearing” from there as well.

And it doesn’t just end there. This gets even better!

Here in Macomb, there are a large number of Canadian Trucks hauling trash from the Toronto-Area which it taken to a local landfill.

No trucks, no trash removal.

This is going to be fun watching the next domino fall. It’ll be even more fun watching the people claiming to be “objective” attempting spin the narrative.

Enjoy the show while they keep digging themselves into a deeper hole. Just keep digging.

I’m grabbing popcorn.

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