Well, would you look at that.

The honking will continue until freedom improves.

One of the things that never ceases to amaze me in the twilight days of the legacy media is just how much they are collectively out of touch with their audience.

They cannot grasp why their audience has moved onto more trustworthy sources of information.

Meta study, from a respected educational institution no less, showing the ineffectiveness the go-to government reaction to the Wuhan Virus?

That’s tinfoil hat stuff…spike that story!

Preliminary test data showing Moderna vaccine causing unusually high number of heart inflammation cases? FDA not wanting to release similar data for public review?

Nope, it can’t be true! Pure Lies! Why would an unaccountable governmental bureaucracy ever sign off on something unsafe?

CDC refusing to release V-Safe data for review. V-Safe is a mobile app similar to VAERS database (tracking adverse reactions to medications), but instead of medical professionals making entries, individuals can do so directly.

La-la-la-la-la-la-la-la, I cannot hear you.

But when something big happens across our border; just how long do you think that they can keep that story under wraps?

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Local purveyors of disinformation, Channel 4 (WDIV) in Detroit, had announced that traffic on the Ambassador bridge is being backed up due to “demonstrators at the border”. They glossed over exactly why they are protesting or just how much things have been picking up momentum by our neighbors over in Canada.

This story has been gaslit by just about every media outlet here in Michigan. To the best of my knowledge, NO Michigan news outlet has even acknowledged this story occurring until today.

On a side note: This is the same station which sidelined most of their on-air staff, who are REQUIRED by their owner Graham Media Group to be fully vaccinated,  started testing positive for the Wuhan virus. No, they didn’t stay home with a company-paid 5-10 day vacation. They still were seen on TV, just video streaming their reports from their homes as if nothing was going on.

But I digress…back to the main story.

Let me just do a quick recap to get readers up-to speed on how these “demonstrators” got started. Beginning just a few weeks ago after Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau required that cross border truck drivers MUST get a vaccination or else they cannot go over the border, that was the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back.

How would they do this, you may ask yourself? The answer is literally Orwellian.

Beginning in British Columbia, a small group of Truckers announced that they were going to drive across Canada and into their capitol of Quebec to air their grievances to Trudeau himself at Parliament Hill.

Initially dismissing them as a “fringe minority”, their protest picked up immense support while driving across Canada from fellow Canadians were fed up with their freedoms being taken away under the guise of security.

Hmmm, sound familiar?

While driving some 3,000+ miles, their “fringe minority” eventually grew to something around 50,000 trucks and stretched to about 40 miles long.

When the Freedom Convoy eventually reached their goal, the Liberal Party (think democrats on our side of the border), realized that TSHTF.

In a show of just how much of an actual leader he was, Justin Trudeau was secreted away from Ottawa under the guise of security concerns. Not too long afterwards, the proudly vaxed & boosted Trudeau announced that he had tested positive for the Wuhan virus and would be staying away from Ottawa even longer.

Well, that didn’t deter the Truckers.

They simply shut down the streets of Ottawa and initiated a truly Canadian protest…horns a blarin’.

The local media couldn’t stand for this defiance.

Taking a page from our media, they portrayed the Truckers as racist. They claimed that they were defacing local landmarks and were stealing food from the homeless.

Hmmm, sound familiar?

Those stories were quickly debunked which didn’t exactly help the local media’s narrative. And the actual cause of problems happening…anyone here want to take a wild guess which side of the political equation they really stand on?

Despite this adversity, this “fringe minority” began picking up even more support.

People began to donate things to the Freedom Convoy. Money, fuel & food.

Not wanting this display to begin gaining any further steam. People on our side of the border (think: Gofundme), began getting funny with the money. After raising nearly $10-million in donations, Gofundme allowed them to cash out about $1-million from the donations and froze the rest claiming a TOS violation. Not to fear, they will allow the Freedom Convoy to “donate” the remainder to a charity of their choosing.

After destroying any credibility that platform may have had, they eventually agreed to refund the remaining money back to the donors. Stepping in the fill the financial void, GiveSendGo stepped in to help support the Freedom Convoy. They were subjected to several DDOS attacks, but as of the writing of this post, were at $5.8-million out of a $16-million fundraising goal.

Interested parties can donate to them here.

The fuel became a problem when not only Ottawa Police Chief Peter Sloly began swooping in to “confiscate”, but threatening to arrest anyone who donated to them. Apparently, even calling in the Canadian Military is now on the table. As it was explained to me by a driver I know from Canada, Sloly is nothing more than a police chief with political ambitions. Sound familiar?

Remember when Canada was a free country?

On a positive note, The Freedom Convoy has spread to multiple locations across Canada, and ironically initiated a reaction Justin Trudeau and the Liberals won’t like; Canadian Premiers are rethinking the vaccine mandates scam.

Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe will be announcing shortly when Wuhan restrictions will be dropped.

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney has announced that he will be doing the same shortly.

When you curtail an individual’s ability to earn a living, EXACTLY just what did you expect to happen???

The fear narrative has lost its effectiveness and is collapsing.

I wonder for just how long the legacy media here in Michigan will continue on with this charade.

Especially on our side of the border.

Stay tuned.

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