Trump In Detroit

A soft spoken Trump delivers his message in Democrat afflicted Detroit.

This is good.

I have never been a fan of pandering to demographic subsets, but this visit wasn’t pandering IMO. It was done well, and in the way that many conservative blacks in Detroit have been requesting for years. By approaching through the faith community in SW Michigan and straight talking to the people there, Donald Trump has once again defied CW and walked away a winner.

With Detroit born Ben Carson by his side, Trump went where so many GOP seemingly fear to tread. He showed that the RIGHT message can be delivered.

Well done.


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  4 comments for “Trump In Detroit

  1. KG One
    September 5, 2016 at 8:33 am

    Interesting flip-side to this: the democrats are calling in the big kahuna, the philanderer-in-chief himself, former Pres. B..J. Clinton to headline this year's Labor Day Parade here in Detroit.

    And I'm certain that local democrats will not only be promoting Pres. B..J. Clinton's signature achievement, but his latest proposal on rebuilding Detroit (ironically by using non-Detroiters).

    Strangely, the local media has been silent on the latter (I cannot imagine why)

    On that note: will they be passing the hat along Washington? Michigan? Or both?

    The democrats have already bamboozled organized labor into supporting their self-destructive machinations (towards its own members) once already.

    Why not go for a two-fer later today?

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  2. JD
    September 8, 2016 at 3:49 am

    It would be nice to know how KG links his stories so easily.
    I must be the only one commenting (there are but a few in any given week, granted) where a simple 'cut and paste 'in the commentary section does not produce similar results.

    On a sidenote:
    (From Snyder's recently/partially revealed "water strategy" implementation plan):
    "..Agricultural land use will directly follow MAEAP land use and participation criteria.."

    If you haven't (yet) dug down in to what it takes to be "MAEAP certified" in your own backyard garden or chicken coop (where even more state control is fast approaching)...'re going to LOVE being 'represented' on a non-participatory/no admittance allowed/nor meeting minutes taken "Commission" making certain that you don't eat anything running around on your property without the state approving of **or physically monitoring it** (not to mention the water needed to raise it):

    Didn't they 'ram through' Senate Bill 1129 in to law about this time 4 years ago...during the same presidential election cycle?
    You know, the one PROUDLY proclaiming with full TeaParty (silence) and MiGOP (unanimous) support:
    "(statewide) Pension obligation bonds with 'no vote of the people required'.."(???)

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    • Jason
      September 8, 2016 at 8:30 am

      JD, I have added some functionality to the comment box that might make it easier to edit links and other things into the comments.

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      • Jason
        September 13, 2016 at 10:46 am

        OK, for some reason, it was FUBAR. Sorry to those who tried to comment.

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