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Trump In Detroit

A soft spoken Trump delivers his message in Democrat afflicted Detroit.

This is good.

I have never been a fan of pandering to demographic subsets, but this visit wasn’t pandering IMO. It was done well, and in the way that many conservative blacks in Detroit have been requesting for years. By approaching through the faith community in SW Michigan and straight talking to the people there, Donald Trump has once again defied CW and walked away a winner.

With Detroit born Ben Carson by his side, Trump went where so many GOP seemingly fear to tread. He showed that the RIGHT message can be delivered.

Well done.


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Draft Ben Carson For US Senate

Ben-CarsonPopped up in my Facebook feed today:

Run, Ben, Run! Join our effort to draft Dr. Carson, a Detroit native, to return to Michigan and run for the U.S. Senate in 2018. https://www.facebook.com/Draft-Ben-Carson-for-US-Senate-1560440750949118/

I agree.

Come on home Ben.  Bring your politically incorrect platform back to Michigan and show how a real conservative can win a US Senate seat in Michigan.  Stabenow has been allowed far too much time in DC working against us and the constitution, and the GOP bench repeatedly puts up weak candidates.

This is an outstanding idea.

Run Ben Run indeed!

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