The RightMi.Com Year In Review

A few items of note from each month in the year 2014. was the back up site for in the event something happened to the WWII servers hosting the original site.


We started off in January fighting for a good man and ultimately getting booted for saying enough is enough from those who profess to be conservative, but cannot be counted on when it matters.  We argued that some GOP leaders have their priorities off, and when Betsy DeVos attacked one of the most stalwart and responsible Republicans in the state, we said not-no-fast.

Setting The Wrong Table

Of course that resulted in the move from the old site to the new.   Much of January was spent reminding people of the values Republicans are supposed to hold and why attacking our most conservative committeeman was maybe not such a good idea. as a destination became a reality.  Unapologetic, informed, and collaborative; Michigan’s conservative blogging has a home just like Do Six Figures

OH, and as for the subject of the misplaced attacks?

He is just fine and dandy

February found Michigan legislators beginning the debate for a minimum wage increase, bailing out the big D, and local governments pandering to a dangerous lifestyle..Of course the election shuffle was on, Land resigning from the committeeman spot to run full time for retiring Carl Levin’s seat, opened another door for the politically connected.

March brought on the upcoming reality that the Internet tax was to be implemented on Michigan’s already over-taxed/over-regulated residents and business owners. It also brought on the first calls for higher fuel taxes.

Did we mention that the Entire state is controlled by Republicans?

And it didn’t help to have a guy who pretends to lead Republicans in ‘conservative’ causes getting ‘married’ to a dude.  Seriously?

So in light of all the wonderful things republicans seemed intent on doing TO US, we thought it would be appropriate to set up our new ‘scorecard.‘   How terrible it must be for some of our republicans to find out how much to the LEFT of democrats they were/are.

sencarllevin-jokerApril opened up with a story of parents finding out they were on a ‘naughty list’ without due process, Debbie Dingell announced she would be taking over the family business, and the Michigan Department of Transportation fully implements ‘Hollywood mode.’

May showers brought the flowering of the Detroit bailout, even amidst the evidence it was simply more good money after bad.  It also was the time to plant the cowardly $9.25 minimum wage plan, in an effort to hold off a referendum that would ask for more. And lest you think all we do is kvetch about our terrible Republican legislators, we still keep an eye on the other side. Truth be told it would be easier if OUR SIDE would behave.

Consider that in June, we found out that the governor’s cousin seemed to have a no-bid contract with the state. Sure its just a coincidence that his cancelled contract was extended after budget dust settled.  The Obama EPA began its pressure on the coal plants and the UP was put at risk even more than previously thought.

And speaking of At-Risk, it seems we could STILL be even more so.  KG-One pointed out that the bailout might well have put taxpayers on the line ..forever.

The Not-So-Hot July brought in the first of the Obama invited illegal children from Central America. Folks might wonder where all of the Pertussis, and strange flu strains are coming from this year?  We have a guess. It also was a time when we found out that the Medicaid expansion has other bad things built in.  And speaking of ‘building’ things..  July shows that Rick Snyder might have a reason to push the DRIC/NITC thing. Right?

ConventionAugust brought in the primary elections. We made a few recommendations, and were somewhat happy with some of what happened statewide.  Then we asked Brian Calley when does his “conservatism matter?” Of course, the challenge at the upcoming state convention to his position was turned down by the delegates.   It WAS an interesting challenge however.

And September opened up with yet another Rick Snyder crony skirting some law or another.  Another community sets the bar low for morality and health. And we asked why Rick Snyder hired Canadians to implement the mission instead of lower bid locals?  And all that within the first ten days.

October surprises revealing that Homosexual activists had been padding election funds of Republican leadership and candidates.  No surprise that gun free zones still exist. Scales told you all why.  CATO gave Michigan a “D” score for its fiscal house. Oh yeah, and that gun thing?  Maybe the reason why lays in the East

October wound down with the prediction that Snyder would raise gas taxes in the lame duck.  No psychic powers needed for that call.

November started with Conservative Rocker Ted Nugent firing off an endorsement for Lee Chatfield, a challenger to Frank Foster.  We saw a promise to hold to the Hastert rule and we supported it. The election showed that Northern Michigan was tired of being lied to by Frank Foster, (Who in December, actually admitted to voting for the communist in the White House) and some key elections were won by conservatives throughout the state.    And at the end of November, it was Hasta la bye bye to many of the executive RINOS in a move that will likely help save the GOP in Oakland County.

December kept the every other month scandal thing going.  Ruth Johnson’s office began investigating secret donor funds that seemed related to some of the GOP leadership .  The changes to the Elliot Larsen Act favored by homosexual activists was a very real threat.  Fortunately, it never materialized.

Kowall-Verheulen-TaxersSTOP-167What DID materialize was the Internet Sales Tax, which promises to put an even bigger monkey on the back of Michigan businesses, and threatens certain constitutional guarantees.  Bravo team Republicans, once again.  And even though that job killer materialized, the legislature couldn’t pull its head out of its rear long enough to decide on a decent roads plan that would NOT raise taxes.  Instead, they opted to give the voters a chance to choose their own poison.

2015 has its own promise of cronyism, and higher taxes, but possibly a better crop of conservative stalwarts in the legislature. will try to keep up with the good and bad as we police our own and provide a place where we can report on what is really happening under the hood in Lansing and around the state.

Happy new year.

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  5 comments for “The RightMi.Com Year In Review

  1. Corinthian Scales
    January 1, 2015 at 11:26 am

    Happy New Year, J-man. Excellent post, which puts the Nerdpublicrat landscape out in the open for even the most ill-informed passerby to see relentless regressive status quo Statism in action under one Party rule who peels just enough of the New Left votes away to further that agenda.

    This year for Constitutional Conservatives is all, and only about IFF: Identify Friend or, Foe.

    As the very wise Man also wrote a few days ago, which absolutely is applicable to Constitutional Conservatives in Michigan:

    "Lions run with lions. They do not adopt Hyenas into the Pride.

    Be a f**king lion."

    Indeed. No more capitulating Bee-esS. NONE.

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    • Tom Backers
      January 2, 2015 at 10:25 am

      Adrian will be challenging Jesse for D1 Chair, time to round up support...I will be networking for him at the Powwow Jan 9th/10th...Time to step up...

      You Betcha! (1)Nuh Uh.(0)
      • Tom Backers
        January 2, 2015 at 10:26 am

        and can we get Dave to run for State Chair???

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  2. JD
    January 2, 2015 at 2:03 pm

    CS said:
    "..This year for Constitutional Conservatives is all, and only about IFF: Identify Friend or, Foe..."

    I wouldn't argue with the above yet would add that if we are not IMMEDIATELY identifying constitutional or conservative 'issues' which rise to even the 'billion dollar' taxation level due to our own self-interest, ignorance or apathy...which is more important?...identifying/mobilizing behind these issues in their infancy... or waiting for a 'friend' (or foe) to vote on it ...who have already proven that they are not 'of the Pride' ...and who will never be?

    Take Sen. Bill 1129 of 2012:
    "Allow the issuance of billions in pension obligation bonds (statewide) with no vote of the people required. "
    POBs in general were harshly panned by the Mackinaw Center for years before they became 'silent' on the matter when this bill was unanimously approved/signed into law by Republicans. Their only caveat before the bill was signed? Close off the funds to those suddenly in charge (our children) of messily cleaning up the excrement that their fathers/grandfathers left drastically reduced pay rates.
    We 'supposedly' knew who are friends were (Mackinaw Center) at that time (didn't matter). We 'supposedly' could count on at least one legislative friend 'somewhere' to not support one of the single most damaging pieces of legislation in Michigan history to our children's future (didn't happen).

    It gets to the point (and I think that we've already reached it given the infiltration/near destruction of the 2009 grassroots movement) where picking friends and foes is fine...yet are there 'enough' of the former to even really matter when the laws already PASSED are frankly enough to keep the other side's agenda either alive indefinitely...or for at least until they retire/move away/chase their grandchildren elsewhere with bags of our money in their pockets?

    We're losing because we won't go to war locally and because we don't hold even 'our friends' accountable when elections matter.

    As I told a Libertarian recently:
    If your candidate isn't sitting in the corner with his nose bodied (locally) and you, as the corner man, aren't looking across at his opponent through your own disfigured unit strategizing to bloody HIS nose...neither of you have any business in that fight to begin with.

    We're not fighting. We're 'reacting' to ships that have already sailed...hoping upon hope that the other side hasn't already legislatively accomplished (most) all that they quickly adjusted to in the 5 years since establishment Republicans were first threatened and their power was (relatively) quickly restored.

    I want to believe in friends and foes...yet I see very little (not none) 3rd party effort/willingness state-wide to pick the type of good (local) fights that our children needed us to START 5 years ago through October of last year.
    Often, it is only in the toughest of fights (see Senate Bill 1129 above) that your true 'friends' show up.

    The record (and history) will show that one of them did.

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    • JD
      January 2, 2015 at 3:10 pm

      (correction)...the last sentence should have read 'none' not one 'conservative' or 'tea party supported' legislator (last term) balked at "no vote of the people required" let alone bonding out (broke) pensioners and their well orchestrated (corrupt) plans.
      in their
      Ironically, when absolutely none of us receive a dime of our Social Security money here in Michigan or anywhere else in the entire country very soon?
      These crooks will be sitting on a beach somewhere laughing their arses off at their own grandchildren tipping cabana boys with GUARANTEED money from their very paychecks.

      This is why kids need to understand the value of a lantern and

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