Dangerous Indeed

Yet another traditional Michigan community is pressured to elevate a behavior based identity to protected status

If, after reading the previous article by Mr. Heine, any of the Bay County Commissioners could still affirm the dangerous lifestyle of Sodom, we would know there is at least one more formerly ‘traditional’  community that has lost its way.County Commission 2013

We are being told that Today at 4 p.m.,  those Bay County Commissioners will be considering passage of an ordinance banning discrimination of LGBT workers in Bay County with a public hearing.  Actual voting on the controversial issue will not happen until March 11.

And even though there have been no reported incidents of this type of discrimination, it is being pushed through by those with an agenda of self destructive behavior. It’s one more opportunity for this lifestyle to be ‘in our face’ and promoted as ‘normal’ civilized behavior, to grow the ranks of those who participate in an unhealthy paradigm.

Heine’s article touches on one particular aspect of such choices; the results of which are too horrible for family members to endure as sons waste away in a manner that is both painful and lonely.  ‘Gayness’ gives way to grieving the loss of mobility, then to the unimaginable despair of knowing its all over.

We can empathize without succumbing to the disease.

Opposition to such ‘ordinances’ comes not from ‘hate’ as might be projected by those who wish to feel ‘normal’ with their chosen destructive behavior, but rather from a love of our fellow man, and the desire to reduce and end unnecessary suffering. We approach much of the debate as might “Mothers Against Drunk Driving;”  with a sense of empathy for families who lose someone to the ravages of reckless abandon and unchecked impulses.

Its one thing to participate in such activities begot of freewill; as we recognize freedoms of individual pursuit and responsibility and consequence.  Its quite yet another to promote as a ‘sanctioned’ activity by elected authority, a dangerous lifestyle that continues to threaten not only the health of individuals who participate, but anyone in communities that utilize any form of health services.

Resources are scarce.  Health care is already being destroyed through a government based disincentive process.  Adding more casualties to an already overloaded health care system means loss of lives, and not necessarily those who have engaged in such high risk activities.

Bay County is not yet lost, but the traditional blue collar Christian culture there is at risk unless commissioners recognize the very real impact their decisions can make on the overall health of their citizenry.

* This is NOT appearing on theBay County calendar as a scheduled event


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