The Final Grift: A ‘Lame Duck’ Anecdote of Republican Cowardice

Lame duck session is one of the most fascinating and illuminating times within our government. It is a period when all pretenses of our democracy are jettisoned and a mad cash grab takes place as term-limited legislators secure employment and other benefits in smoke-filled backrooms with lobbyists. It rips off the facade and exposes government for the cruel, soulless machine that it truly is.

Few watched the late-night session that went past 3AM last week when the worst bills were being rammed down our throats. I tuned in to watch the after-hours con job the next day on the Michigan Legislature website as I was sleeping at the time. The fact that the proceedings took place in the dead of night begs the following questions: What are the optics of using the midnight hour to push the lousiest bills forward? What does someone who is less politically inclined think of Republicans after the media reports on these shenanigans? And is it any wonder why we took it on the chin during last month’s mid-term elections?

Watching the video just showed how controlled and cowardly the Republicans truly are. Not just the obvious sell-outs, but also the supposed champions. You can actually see a few Democrats who gave floor speeches encouraging their colleagues to vote no on legislation such as the ‘A-F’ grading system that would allow an unaccountable bureaucracy to rank schools based on how well they implement Common Core in the classroom. Many liberal lawmakers opposed this measure because it is undemocratic and a proven disaster for children. The Republicans, on the other hand, kept quiet because getting uppity might cost them that next DeVos check. The Republicans clearly know their place, but the Democrats to their credit are far less cowed than their opposition.

The ‘A-F’ grading scale creates a new board that will essentially be the Common Core police. Under the new Snyder-backed reform, it impossible for our schools to improve. For example: If your school is brandished a “C” by the state, the local leadership will focus on abiding by anything the unelected bureaucrats tell them in order to need to get a “B” grade. It has nothing to do with improving student performance. Every state that has tried this system is near the bottom of the national ranking, and each of those states got worse in the course of time that it was being done. It was Democrats, not Republicans, making some these points on the House floor. It was refreshing to see Democratic legislators arguing passionately for their point of view. Their constituents must be pleased that they have representation that will fight for their values. It would be nice to know that feeling.

Republicans were far too craven to even utter a peep against the anti-constitutional madness taking place around them. Even the legislators who voted correctly have been conditioned like Pavlov’s dogs not to question anything that has taken place. A firebrand who stood up against his own Party as well as Lansing’s reviled orgy of corruption could become an immediate sensation and conservative leader in the age of populist fury. This golden opportunity was squandered due to fear, and the Republicans all stood there gelded as the process steamrolled We the People yet again.

The “good” Republican legislators could have easily teamed up to pressure guys on the fence to do the right thing, but instead they meekly allowed the entire charade to take place unabated. They just wanted the entire sordid process to be concluded. In fact, the entire display could have easily been another musical chairs job. It is not uncommon for our Republican legislators to coordinate behind the scenes so they share the blame for these colossal legislative grifts. Some issue token ‘no’ votes so they can go back to their constituents and save face. This also makes it less likely for peasants to revolt, as they are given the mis-impression that certain legislators are actually on their side. It’s just another one of their time-tested methods of confusing the public to protect their predatory pay-to-play scam that depends on complicity of the taxpayer.

Tomorrow, the lame duck continues once again. It will get much worse from here. The agenda was released late today, and over 70 bills are already scheduled for ramrodding. Democrats are protesting it, gaining further political points with pissed Michiganders throughout the state, and further burying the loser Republican Party. This may be a harrowing thought, but we must realize that 2016 may have been our last gasp. Because the MIGOP blew it so hard last month, we have Granholm 2.0 as Governor with an LGBT AG and two Soros operatives working as Secretary of State and Lieutenant Governor. You think they will be working to protect electoral integrity in 2020? The pooch has effectively been screwed.

There is no light at the end of the tunnel, folks. We are getting ready to coronate Laura Cox, who squandered two winnable seats because of her failed campaign, as Michigan Republican Party State Chair. She is being rewarded for blowing it big time because the special interest masters know she will follow orders. She is already blaming the volunteers for not eating the sh-t sandwich served to them by the Party Bosses quickly enough. Trump administration officials were greased over to immediately endorse Cox’s coronation. Remember when the bought-off federal hacks said we were gonna ‘Win with Weiser’ in 2017? That didn’t quite work out so well, but don’t expect amnesiac Republicans to remember what occurred two years ago. The lost, deluded flock has the pompoms out, and they are ready to cheer even harder for the embarrassing status quo.

Speaking of Party Chairman Ron Weiser, he once bragged how he controlled all the “wacko birds” of the conservative base. It seemed quite an arrogant boast at the time, but turns out he was speaking the plain truth. The grassroots are beaten down and broken. Our masters are speed-raping what’s left of the state before we inevitably become California. There was barely a token effort from the money masters of the state to push back against Props. 2 and 3, which enable rampant voter fraud for the Democrats. These monied interests could have papered over the state with what amounts to chump change for them, but they didn’t bother to do so. Really, it’s because those cash kings atop the MIGOP who own our souls lock, stock and barrel are far more comfortable with the liberals in control than they are with the notion of right-wing populism. Welcome to the final betrayal. Now enjoy lame duck before we inevitably get Cox shoved down our throats come February!

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  3 comments for “The Final Grift: A ‘Lame Duck’ Anecdote of Republican Cowardice

  1. KG One
    December 18, 2018 at 7:20 am

    I don't have the time to watch the video, but I've kept up with the journals.

    If the republicans had used this "new found" energy back when they needed it the most (read: before November), you wouldn't be looking at the Three Stooges taking over the tops spots in state government.

    Well, maybe two out of the three.Schuette would've still been off-duty.

    And now, I'm just waiting for Friday...

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  2. Corinthian Scales
    December 18, 2018 at 4:15 pm

    Nice rant, however, demographics is destiny.

    So relax, and enjoy the decline....

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