So, who is up for a vacation?

The Capitol Critters just don’t get it.

Despite Speaker Nancy Pelosi herself being denied more frequent flyer miles and getting kicked off of her government ride some 30-minutes before leaving Washington (Heh heh heh, I STILL love that one!!!), the Indrid Cold-grinning idiot from Michigan’s13th Congressional District, Rep. Rep. Rashida Tlaib thinks that she can do the same without any repercussions herself.

So, how will THAT fly?

Sorry, I know. Bad pun.

{Click below find out.}

Looking to rack up some frequent flyer miles of her own, Rep. Tlaib announced that she will shortly be heading up a “delegation” to the Middle East for the purpose of “humanizing” Palestinians.

This is the same woman who has obviously forgotten which country she currently lives in.

To give everyone an idea of just how whacked out her loyalties are, right after her election in Michigan’s 13th District, she was seen afterwards wrapped NOT in an American, but a Palestinian Flag.


She also let this troubling detail regarding her junket slip:

“I just know that trip is not going to go meet with my grandmother. I was going anyway because I want to go see her,” Tlaib said.


It must be SO nice to get someone else pick up the tab for your next family reunion.

Say? Isn’t the government “shutdown” still in effect?

Fortunately, there are still a few adults left in the room,

Rep. Babin from Texas has written to Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Engel requesting that approval for her little junket be denied in a letter sent last Thursday. Per House rules, each official Congressional delegation (CODEL), as well as each Member of Congress attending, must receive approval from a Committee Chairman.

Hopefully, Rep. Tlaib isn’t stupid enough to pack her bags just yet.

Oh, what am I saying!!!

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