RIF Rocks!!!

Entering day 30 of the government shutdown, with no foreseeable end in sight, I’m seeing a potentially big thing (in a VERY good way) for The Republic on the horizon.

Curious to know what that is?

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I was asked for some feedback regarding the subject for this post a while back, which required me to do some additional research into civil service language. After wading through the obscure & arcane regulations partially buried in USC (don’t worry I’ve found something much easier to follow here and here),

If President Trump plays his cards the way I think he’s doing (and after some long reading on the subject along with how he operates), I strongly believe that we’ll very shortly be seeing significant drainage in the swamp (along with The Wall construction).

The subject in question had to do with two little known terms known as Senior Executive Service and Reduction in Force under the auspices of .the US Office of Personal Management.

The very same USOPM whose director is appointed by The President and approved by the US Senate.

That would be President Trump and a Republican-controlled Senate.

Boiling things down as basic as I can here; both are triggered in the event of federal employees being furloughed for over 30-consecutive calendar days. There are multiple federal departments that fall under that criteria right now, to say nothing regarding what will happen if the federal debt ceiling isn’t raised (again) in the next few months.

When those government bureaucrats employees aren’t working after that threshold, the process can be initiated to remove them from their positions based upon the following criteria: Tenure, Veteran status, Total federal civilian and military service and finally Performance.

It’s almost became a meme when people mention the fact that during the current government “shutdown”, if these currently furloughed federal employees are designated as “non-essential”, why do we have then in the first place?

The only downside to this is that according to civil service rules, individual bureaucrats employees cannot be removed from their positions, the process must be done en masse. There is also the potential for bumping rights to be invoked which might slightly delay the process. But this will be in the neighborhood of weeks, not months or years, but it is doable in a timely manner.

If this is done correctly, President Trump can greatly contract the size one of the greatest banes to the existence of everyday Americans given to us by Woodrow Wilson: the federal bureaucrat.

So to bottom line this for everyone, President Trump can give (most of) The Swamp their walking papers if the “shutdown” continues.

The Swamp Dwellers are a little concerned about this. So much so, that they are engaging in a little spin to allay their fears.

Which is saying a lot since the same people said that:

“Due to a lapse in appropriations, OPM’s social media channels may not be updated or monitored.”

Oh, this REALLY must burn Team “d” right about now!

They tried using the “Dreamers” as bargaining chips once before without any success.

With their usefulness at an end, the democrats are not even going to give the “Dreamers” the time of day during this session.

And looking at the potential loss of the bureaucracy, how will Team “d” maintain control they now enjoy having over Americans today without them?

Someone from inside of the Trump Administration strongly hinted at this being their endgame about a week ago.

Note that I said “strongly hinted”.

Normally like most people who work for a living, I don’t like to hear about when someone else loses their job.

But when we see who it applies to this time, I think that I can make an exception.

Stay tuned.

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  1. Corinthian Scales
    January 21, 2019 at 2:38 pm

    Yep- https://youtu.be/tLd4OpEtfiw

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