Saturday’s Divertere: Enjoy The Show

UPDATE: Susan Wojcicki strikes again.

Excellent questions in comments. Now that the proof is there, what happens with it?

But first, a brief interlude presented you by our friend Sundance.

Removed video can be viewed HERE, and HERE.

Interesting, yes? As I stated before, we really don’t know exactly what the hell we watched happen on January 6, 2021 but, for a day that had EVERY high-power elected official in the Joint Session of Congress that makes ZERO sense. This we do know for sure: ALL the “actors” that were there that day are in on it, yes, like this guy.

So, back to the question. Now what? Do any of you believe you’ll get your high-power, 75-year-old multimillionaire to champion Lindell’s evidence? Wise money would say after how he allegedly defended Meshawn, that he will say again, “I didn’t read any of that stuff, and I didn’t watch television. I watched Michigan destroy Minnesota in basketball, and that kind of contest is something that I strongly support.”

Translation: “Bruh, like I was too busy watching U of M sportsball, yannow, like who has time for some electoral college in dispute crap. C’mon man, never heard of ’em, like what division do they play in?”

With a glance of the local news this morning now he thinks he’s just an ‘accessible target.’ No, really. Go look for yourself.

Yep, Denzel is one of the good guys.

Men do not follow titles- they follow courage. Thank your lucky stars we have people of courage like Mike Lindell, and in our state, Shane Trejo, that work tirelessly getting the truth out to us. It is our duty to spread it far and wide.

That said, for me one thing stands out pertaining to every event leading up to November 3, 2020. One man standing alone in the trillions of dollars swamp, if you were paying attention, should’ve raised eyebrows.

Like clockwork, cheap Chinese steel using Whirlpool trust fund baby Fred Upton has voted to eliminate not only Trump, but everything America First Trumpism. Remember that.

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