Rest In Peace BK Bill.

Moderate Democrat Dies at 97

The most obvious example of what a RINO is, may have gone on to warmer climes than Northern Michigan.

The pro-abortion, high taxes, consummate milquetoast, yet super ‘nice guy’ Bill Milliken has passed.  I offer prayers for his immortal soul, and to his family that they find a path to Christ, one not usually found by pretending that God condones the unholy murder of his children in the womb.

As only God is our final arbiter, perhaps we will someday see how he responds to those who openly advocate for the destruction of His gifts.  In our worldly plane however, we can still offer respect and pray for a level of forgiveness that our creator alone can grant to those who have consistently violated His trust.

However, while we are still here, it may be prudent to remind folks why BK Bill Milliken was wrong. In 2016, much to the horror of Democrats and a few moderate GOP types, some of us did

Indeed, we could be passive and obtusely respectful. Or better yet, use the occasion to remind why just because they have our colors on, some folks are simply not on our team.

Customer: A Whopper with cheese please

BK Guy: I think you would like the Big Mac better.

Customer: Big Mac? Isn’t that McD’s?

BK Guy: Yes. They are quite good too.

Customer: Is this BK selling Big Macs now for the McD’s next door?

BK Guy: Oh.. Not really, but I am. I just think that is a better choice.

Customer: But you work here at BK?

BK Guy: For about 60 years. Yessiree.

Customer: Doesn’t it bother management, that you are trying to sell McD’s product at this counter?

BK Guy: Been doing it for years. No one seems to care.

Customer: ..I would like to speak to the manager, please?

Manager: Can I help you?

Customer: Do you know that your employee is selling McD product from your counter

Manager: Oh, BK Bill? Yeah.. He does that. He is a heck of a nice guy.

Customer: It doesn’t bother you that your associate is selling the competition’s product across your counter?

Manager: I completely understand your concern, but he HAS been working here for decades. I would say he knows better than any of us what to sell.

Customer: But ..

Manager: AND he is a true servant. He even goes next door occasionally to help the McD’s folks mop their floor, AND clean their toilets!

Customer: And you let him?

Manager: Its how we get them to smile at us, {whispering – we really don’t like when they get mad}

Customer: I see. OK.. but.. oh never mind. I really wanted the Whopper with cheese but, how about the Chicken Fries?

BK Guy: I think you would prefer the Hamburgler Happy meal.Hamburgler

Rest in Peace Bill.

We don’t hate you because you repeatedly scored for the wrong team.  May our Lord bless you and give you the undeserved second chance we all will probably need anyhow.

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  6 comments for “Rest In Peace BK Bill.

  1. Corinthian Scales
    October 19, 2019 at 10:10 am

    The old bastard's last request had better been to be buried in an asbestos suit.

    Good riddance.

    From May 20, 1980

    Ps. for those unaware of who George H. W.'s daddy was, his name is Prescott Bush.

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  2. Sue Schwartz
    October 19, 2019 at 10:15 am

    Yes, he was an incredibly nice guy. His endorsement of Killery was unconscionable everyone chalking it up to his advanced age. Curious that no one asked if he regretted this endorsement when Trump got elected. (I so love our POTUS). So, to be fair, he was instrumental in bringing the Airport to TC. I want to take this opportunity to state DO NOT TURN OUR AIRPORT INTO AN AUTHORITY. There are streets named after Bill. and the textile business may still be around, not sure though. RIP William Milliken.

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