Shane Hernandez for Congress

Back in July, Michigan 10th district congressman Paul Mitchell announced that he would not seek reelection after just two terms.  More than two months later, the first serious Republican candidate has announced.  State representative Shane Hernandez of Port Huron is running.

Shane was a Tea Party leader in St. Clair county who helped conservatives win control of the county GOP there.  He also served on the 10th district committee.  In 2016, Shane ran for state house in the 83rd district, including all of Sanilac and part of St. Clair Counties.  He comfortably won a three-way primary.  He won the general election with 63% in 2016 and 64% in 2018, in a district that elected a democrat as recently as 2008.

Shane quickly established himself as one of the most conservative members of the Michigan legislature. The American Conservative Union rated his votes 93% conservative, tying for most conservative in 2018.  MIRS rated him 93% conservative, tying for most conservative in 2017.  RightMichigan rates him 88% conservative, tied for most conservative in 2017-2018.

Unlike some legislators who vote the right way, but are otherwise unproductive in office, Shane has worked well with his legislative colleagues.  He helped to elect conservative leadership in the state house.  In 2018, he was appointed chairman of the house appropriations committee, widely considered the most prestigious committee chairmanship.  Unlike some legislators who use this position to deliver pork to pet projects, he produced a fiscally responsible budget that resisted Governor Whitmer’s plan for massive tax and spending increases.

Shane is pro-life, pro-gun, and an all-around conservative leader.  All conservatives should support his campaign for Congress.

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  1. Corinthian Scales
    October 16, 2019 at 10:04 pm

    Paul Mitchell was fortunate that Snyder A/K/A OneDumbNerd pushed Prop-1 Gas Tax when Paul came out against that atrocity. Paul’s time in The Swamp.... Paul Mitchell also proved to be a useless, effete elected fool because he had money, got elected- but a totally ignorable tool. Not only that, Paul Mitchell proved to be an anti-Trump asshole. Fuck Paul Mitchell. Wish I never knew him.

    Conservatism has conserved shit over the years, which is why I do not like you Conservative First. I do not want your faggy reference points from useless organizations. Nobody does.

    If Mr. Hernandez is a Trump Republican, then I will work my ass off for him.

    Other than that.... y’all’s on your own.

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  2. Corinthian Scales
    October 17, 2019 at 9:58 am

    Timing could not be better to illustrate the truth in comment above👆.


    How did Michigan's U.S. House Republicans vote?


    I am proud of my Rep. Jack Bergman, and I salute Rep. Tim Walberg, for standing with our President Donald J. Trump. The days of wasting our money, and more importantly, the spilling of our young American's blood overseas in never ending, useless wars for the D.C. Swamp's Nation Building is over.

    To the following GOP U.S. House Reps from Michigan who are not America First and, voted with Nancy Pelosi's Democrats: Paul Mitchell, Fred Upton, John Moolenaar, and Bill Huizenga... fuck you!

    TRUMP 2020!

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