Inside Job

Just order the damned happy meal and be quiet.

Customer:     A Whopper with cheese please

BK Guy:    I think you would like the Big Mac better.

Customer:     Big Mac? Isn’t that McD’s?

BK Guy:    Yes.  They are quite good too.

Customer:     Is this BK selling Big Macs now for the McD’s next door?

BK Guy:    Oh.. Not really, but I am.  I just think that is a better choice.

Customer:     But you work here at BK?

BK Guy:    For about 60 years. Yessiree.

Customer:     Doesn’t it bother management, that you are trying to sell McD’s product at this counter?

BK Guy:    Been doing it for years.  No one seems to care.

Customer:     ..I would like to speak to the manager, please?

Manager:   Can I help you?

Customer:     Do you know that your employee is selling McD product from your counter

Manager:   Oh, BK Bill?  Yeah..  He does that.  He is a heck of a nice guy.

Customer:     It doesn’t bother you that your associate is selling the competition’s product across your counter?

Manager:   I completely understand your concern, but he HAS been working here for decades.  I would say he knows better than any of us what to sell.

Customer:     But ..

Manager:    AND he is a true servant.  He even goes next door occasionally to help the McD’s folks mop their floor, AND clean their toilets!

Customer:     And you let him?

Manager:    Its how we get them to smile at us, {whispering – we really don’t like when they get mad}

Customer:     I see.   OK..  but.. oh never mind.   I really wanted the Whopper with cheese but, how about the Chicken Fries?

BK Guy:      I think you would prefer the Hamburgler Happy meal.Hamburgler

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