Proof That Proposal 2 Cannot Work

Progressive left Democrats masquerade as Republican group to fool voters

A political action committee that is calling itself Republican Women for Progress is promoting Democrats in the general election.

Gosh, have we ever seen this happen before?    Each election cycle it is axiomatic that someone attempts to paint themselves as what they are not, in order to elect their guy (or gal).  Politics makes for great liars.

And this time they are targeting Mike Bishop and Lana Epstein.  Nothing says bipartisan feminist like targeting a Jewish woman because of the Kavanaugh hearings, the premise upon which this group was supposedly founded.

Does it surprise you that the primary funder for the group Republican Women for Progress is Reid Hoffman?  It shouldn’t.

The group’s founder Meghan Milloy was (also no surprise) previously the Chair of Republican Women for Hillary (RWFH). Incredibly, her bio also notes her ‘day job,’ something potential donors to ‘center right’ think tanks ought to note.  How long does one have to shill for the other side’s candidates before they lose any credibility in the party they pretend to support?

But aside from the specific political targets this group has, it drives home a specific point.  In a state like Michigan, where political affiliation can have as much fluidity as today’s gender identity, it is clear that calling oneself a Republican does not really make it so.

Which begs the larger question of how on earth we are to guess the validity of specified political affiliation for those who apply to be commissioners in THIS BOONDOGGLE. Realizing of course that deception is the tool of the left, our best guess will usually be correct.

I guess the first amendment allows some to lie through their stinky yellowed teeth.

Anyhow, its lunch, and I am going to eat someplace where they know what I want.

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  1. Corinthian Scales
    October 19, 2018 at 6:15 pm

    I just posit this here:

    Cannot begin to comprehend those who would not vote for Mike Bishop, after watching that.

    Trump's right again- the Democrats have become the Party of Crime.

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