Rep. Candice Miller gets it (sort of).

I’ve indicated before that try to catch up on current events as much as I can when working.

It’s not easy, but I manage as best as I can.

I get a good chunk of it from e-mail blasts from people whom I trust. Much of it is on material that the MSM wouldn’t touch with a ten-foot poll.

The latest has to do with the continuing invasion of illegal aliens along our border and the (sort of) correct response that has been lacking as of late.

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Unless you have been living under a rock, you are aware that there is an influx of illegal aliens along Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California. There are coming here because Pres. B.O. has been sending signals that if they come over, including sending over their children without any parental supervision, they will be receiving “permission” to stay here in America…and with it all of the benefits that come with it.

And coming they are.

According to the CBP website, we are looking at over 52,000 “Unaccompanied Children” (U.A.C.) to date this year.

Another interesting figure they released; as of June 15, we are seeing over 181,000 coming from countries “Other than Mexico” (O.T.M.)

Open border advocate will opine that these are simply refugees from gang-infested, failed third world countries like Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador. That we must show them “compassion” because of the living standards in their formerly home countries.

Never mind that we have the same problems on this side of the border, but I’ll save that for a later date.

They have also documented another interesting phenomenon, “Special Interest Aliens” (S.I.A.). They come from places like Somalia, Yemen, Afghanistan and Iraq (ISIS, anyone). Countries where a large segment of their population doesn’t exactly like us very much. There are currently 35 countries that come under this designation and this has been on their radar for at least several years now.

Continuing the “unless you have been living under a rock” meme, we are also undergoing a “War on Terror”. Granted that “War on Terror” is focused mainly against the citizens that they were to allegedly protecting, which explains why they are missing important details like the Muslim Prayer Rugs found along our border a few weeks ago.

With the percentage of practicing Muslims in those Central American countries on the fraction of 1%, this is a noteworthy occurrence.
I’m not going to focus on an upcoming Dirty Bomb, Anthrax, or other attack against America’s infrastructure, but rather something with a little more immediate effect.

Due to the massive influx of illegal aliens marching across our southern border (Cloward-Piven, anyone), there has been an overall breakdown in the screening process.

Unlike the legal immigration during literally a century ago here in America where immigrants were screened and processed before being allowed entry into America (and yes, those who failed were NOT allowed entry), Pres. B.O. has more or less ordered CBP to move many of these people into detention facilities to await immigration status hearing on their behalf.

One final “unless you have been living under a rock” meme, those countries DO NOT have the same health standards as we have here in America.

Of the little that has been documented due to a de facto press blackout imposed by the Obama Administration, there are illegals who are coming here with Lice, Scabies, TB, and Chagas. And that is from the little we know.

Oh, did I mention that HHS wants to send some of these “immigrants” here to Michigan?

Wolverine Health Services, based down the street in Grosse Point Park, is in talks to house an indeterminate amount of “refugees” in Vassar, just outside of Saginaw.

Wolverine Senior Vice President, Derrick McCree has stated in The Detroit News that;

”…no decision has been made yet about the relocation.”

His organization’s website says differently.

Listed among the recent job openings at Wolverine Health Services are:

  • Bilingual Therapists (Vassar)
  • Program Manager (Vassar)
  • Culinary Arts Vocational Counselor (Vassar)
  • Safety and Support Team Coordinator/Shift Coordinator (Saginaw)
  • Team Manager (Vassar House):
  • Youth Care Worker (Metro Detroit, Saginaw, Vassar):


  • Transporter (Part time, Vassar)

There is a lot of job opening for someone who hasn’t made a decision yet.

Also, why would a facility used to “temporarily house” detainees, need a “Culinary Arts Vocational Counselor”, isn’t there enough of a job shortage as it is for people out of work in Michigan?

On the plus side, at least one Michigan Representative is at least doing some preliminary investigating into what the Federal Government’s plan is.

Rep. Candice Miller has contacted HHS Secretary Sylvia Burwell for details on what they plan to do, if the Vassar location is used to house illegals.


9.) Can you confirm that the State and local communities will not bear any costs for these UAC? (Emphasis mine)

Um, I don’t see HHS being very forthcoming with that information in the near future.

I’m glad to see that Rep. Miller is one of the few people taking an interest in this. What I’m disappointed is that there is much more that she, and others who claim to “represent” Michigan in Washington, could be doing (yanking funding from HHS would be my first suggestion).

I see some problems developing in and around that area when it is put online by the Feds. And it won’t have very much media announcing when it goes online, I can assure you of that.

Stay tuned…

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