Only a few Know About the Side Effects

For the actual science regarding wearing a mask, click here.

Hence, up Whitmer’s ass with a mask. There is No ‘Second Wave’ period

UPDATE. Okay, let’s up the ante on Gov. Whitmer’s latest mask game?

She is pushing on local business leadership to wear a mask on twitter. Fair enough. So, what she is doing is cajoling them via threat of license sanctions into being in violation of OHSA workplace oxygen levels.

There it is to see for yourselves. So is Whitmer’s tweet.

Nope. That is not the business leadership that I will patronize. That is ignorance, and wantonly harmful virtue signaling. Both the governor and that business, along with any others doing the same, is an insult to anyone with an above room temperature IQ.

You Betcha! (14)Nuh Uh.(1)

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