Steve Friess: did he Forget About Hillary and Huma?

Nasty Nessel likes envisioning she’s a legend in her own mind, hence, “the share” from one of the community who likes swimming and hanging out with 12-year-old boys. Well, as stated 18 years ago.

Hey, not judging- justobserving.

Actually, it is a worthwhile read.

Gotta say one thing about the Proud community that never fails is given enough time they eventually let their slippery Pride slope show.

They filed suit in federal court in 2012 and drew Judge Bernard Friedman, a Republican appointee known for an unfavorable (for liberals) ruling in a prominent affirmative action case.

Unbeknownst to Nessel, Friedman had become close in the 1990s to Judith Levy, a law clerk who was a lesbian with a baby whom Friedman doted on. Nessel recalls: “We got a call very, very quickly from Judge Levy, who I didn’t know, and she just said, ‘How do you feel about your draw?’ and [co-counsel] Carol Stanyar and I said, ‘Well, not great,’ and she said, ‘You will.’

The rest of the DeBoer case is, literally, history. Friedman saw the matter not as an adoption issue but as a marriage question and invited the couple to expand the case to challenge the state’s voter-approved constitutional ban on same-sex unions. He then struck down the ban in March 2014, opening a brief window for 323 couples to wed across the state before then-Attorney General Schuette appealed and was granted a stay of Friedman’s order.

So, a Jewish activist judge alleged Republican by his appointment, with an eye for his then Jewish lesbian clerk’s spawn, who now as Obama’s appointed U.S judge gives a heads up phone call to Jewish lesbian attorney Nasty Nessel, that the plan has already been devised for the long game agenda.

Nah, no politics involved with any of that, is there?

Which leads to a very troubling part of the article when one sees the above for what it is.

“She’s a straight shooter, and people appreciate that today in this political climate,” Chatfield says. “She’s always been forthcoming and honest with me despite our disagreements. I don’t believe I’m getting a political answer from the attorney general. I’m simply getting what she believes at her core, which I disagree with 90 percent of the time. We’ve made the most of that 10 percent we can agree on, and I’m very proud of that.”

Leaves one gobsmacked, yes? Nasty Nessel’s every fiber is nothing but politics. From ChineseVirus infected nursing homes, to protecting mussels over people, to contact tracing, and even running cover for a security guard shot dead in Flint – Nasty Nessel is all politics.

My hope is young Speaker Chatfield, a powerful figure in Lansing, is not of the Churchian persuasion of Christianity. What he’s embracing as of now is of doom.

All children are subject to this. Speaker Chatfield’s society ‘vision’ is of no exception. Follow along.

Helluva legacy being left for them.

You Betcha! (9)Nuh Uh.(0)

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