Obamacare Death Panels and Snyder’s 5% Theft on Pensions

Judging by the volume of Snyder Bee-esS wafting through the air, one sure can tell it is a desperation election year.

Living well and aging well in our later years demands individual efforts, for sure. But it also needs a commitment from the state to partner locally, so we create an environment conducive to healthy and active aging.

And, that way-cool, forced into Snydercaid expansion Obamacare Estate confiscation provision, too.

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  1. Mark
    June 2, 2014 at 6:30 pm

    I remember getting lambasted by so called Tea Party Conservatives on another site because I dared point out that raising taxes on anybody was not what a true conservative did. A shrill b!tc# from Lansing who was all proud of her Ricky vote typed in all caps that the tax on pensions was FAIR and that we were all now being EQUALly SCREWED. I guess she thought I wouldn't get it if she didn't "yell".

    I will not vote for Rick Snyder this Fall, not a dime's worth of difference between him and Golden Schauer. I think that Snyder is going to hurt candidates down ticket. While I would never knowingly vote for a democrap, there are many who will I believe, be comfortable with a straight ticket on the other side.

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    • Corinthian Scales
      June 3, 2014 at 10:13 am

      Mark, you speak the sad truth about all the bandwagoning simpletons who blindly vote Team R the exact same way the useful idiots vote Team D. It has come down to today that every mouthbreather under the sun whose body is above room temperature is a *conservative* if there is an 'R' slapped onto the ass of their last name. All Hail the Bifarceisan!

      It's no secret from the old, defunct rightmichigan.com, that Duncan Hunter was my pick in '08 (his son is a no bullshit dude, too) out of all the dysfunctional dregs within the GOP that ran for president much for the same reasons I abhorred Snyder throughout the entire '10 gubernatorial election. Whether RightMi.com readers like it or not, both of those crony capitalism venture capitalist vulture c***suckers, both Romney and Snyder, truly are birds of a - look you in the eye while lying to you - same feather (with scrubbed video).

      The Gang Of Polyp dwindling majority being led around Lansing, by Mr. 36% Snyder who alienated his Joe Schwarz Democrat base, will undoubtedly see similar consequences to this years election much the same way Pete TARPstra and the tax hiking Nerd doomed Flip-flopping Willard in '12. Schostak ain't no rose either with his Third-world voting, the debt discharge Law his attorney authored (PA 67 of 2012, plus a fun read), and amazingly enough just take a gander at all the bastards who endorsed more of that dysfunction.

      And, now I read these two frauds telling me that I have to settle for dolts like him. Ben Carson, a highly educated man mind you, is cut from the same cloth as this functional illiterate. F#@% 'em both. The problem with folks like Carson is that they start to believe in their own *savior* inflated ego bullshit that is reinforced by the echo-chamber media placing him on Obama's post rayciss 'Merica pedestal. If the "10% disagreement" as Ben Carson asserts, is something so ignorant as his position on Amendment II, well, then Ben can go bag his unConstitutional ass to the back of the Party or, hop onboard behind Debbie Dingell's gun grabbing skirt.

      Lot of linky-love info for one to digest? You betchya. Nevertheless, the only candidate vote I foresee me casting in November, is for Ruth Johnson. The rest simply have not earned their 2010 Sea of Red rebuke keep, and need to be swept to the street. I blame the out of sight, out of mind folk for allowing their Team R majority become wayward children. Maybe when Team D takes back the reins from Democrat-lite they'll take the thumbs out of their asses and hound these Ruling Class mentality bastards.

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      • Jason
        June 3, 2014 at 11:07 am

        Could you for once.. JUST ONCE.. Tell us what you really think?

        Thanks in advance.

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        • Corinthian Scales
          June 3, 2014 at 11:41 am

          Well, I can work on that but, when it really comes down to both political Party's it is much like George Carlin said about Saving the Planet™... the Republican Platform is just fine - it's the people that are f#@%ed up.

          Oh, and, I'll try to work on that fruity Up Talking thing, too.

          No guarantees. 😉

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          • Mark
            June 4, 2014 at 4:28 am

            And a smiley face to make the boo boo all better. Speaking truth to power on the Good Ship Lollipop as it were.

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