Not Her Brightest Day

Michigan republicans have a bad habit of making national news for all the wrong reasons.

According to Article IV, Section G, Paragraph 1 of the Bylaws of the Michigan Republican State Committee, “The Chairman shall have the power to declare vacant the seat of any officer who refuses to support the Republican nominee for any office within the State of Michigan.” That’s the language, and it’s straightforward. If you’re one of the officers specified in Article IV, Section A of those same bylaws, then you support the republican nominees, up and down the ticket, or else risk immediate termination . . . end of discussion.

That paragraph is something that a certain lady, whom I still consider a friend, should have considered before shooting her mouth off, knowing the cameras were rolling, last Friday.

Look, I get it. If we’re to be so foolish as to buy into the corporate media smear campaign, coordinated behind the scenes with the professional political establishment, designed to distract us from revelations of the actual criminal conduct of the Democrat Party, their nominee for President of the United States, and persons and organizations acting on their behalf . . . if we’re going to be so ignorant, or perhaps even stupid, as to accept that narrative, then I can understand how people might have some misgivings about the Trump candidacy. Hell, we might even go further and swallow whole Nate Silver’s assertion that said democrat nominee currently has between an 84.6% to an 89.3% of winning the Electoral College via popular vote just under three weeks from now, which, given all that a Clinton presidency implies, cannot rest easy with those rightly concerned with preserving our inalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

But, those of us who are patient, and understand the modus operandi of the globalists, have trained ourselves to see the smokescreen for what it is. We are thus well aware that the media polling is often designed to advance the corporate media narrative, and that narrative is designed to advance the exact same globalist agenda that the professional political establishment advances legislatively (or through executive or judicial usurpation). So, we know to look at what we’re supposed to be ignoring, such as yet another Wikileaks data dump, or yet another Project Veritas expose, or the now-transparent corruption within the DOJ and FBI. We have also learned to deconstruct the cooked polls, and reach the conclusion that those behind the curtain would rather we not deduce. We are aware that common sense dictates that there’d be no need for coordinated riots, vandalism, or even a smear campaign if the media polls reflected actual reality. And yes, we even have the sense to remember history, specifically how a coordinated smear campaign five years ago persuaded Herman Cain to drop out of the republican primary (right at the point where he would have been untouchable had he decided to stay in), and specifically how the “paper of record” cooked the polls in nine “crucial states” in October of 1980.

So, for Wendy Day – one of the founding mothers of the Michigan tea party movement, a political consultant in her own right, and the Grassroots Vice-Chair of the MIGOP (in other words, someone who should have known better) – for her to take the bait of getting roped into a panel discussion of the anti-Trump smear campaign, there is absolutely no excuse . . . period. Apparently, over the weekend, Ronna McDaniel, state party chair, had confronted Day (at least via correspondence), and asked her to either recant and publicly support Donald Trump, or failing that to promptly resign. In doing so, McDaniel behaved as a competent executive, by providing an out-of-line subordinate with an opportunity to save face. By rejecting both of those options, Day forced McDaniel’s hand, and the end result was then unavoidable (of which Day also should have known better).

So now, as a direct result of Day’s indiscretion, compounded by her stubborn streak, a key vice chair position (one directly responsible for statewide voter turnout) is left vacant, three weeks before the single most important presidential election of our lifetime, with Michigan likely “in play” in the Electoral College. Bloody brilliant.

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  1. KG One
    October 19, 2016 at 1:26 pm

    If Macomb County is an indicator, I'm of the strong opinion that Mrs. Day's removal won't be having the impact that you're anticipating.

    When I'm over at that part of town, the people that I see over on Hall Road going are usually getting just Trump signs.

    You might see someone walk out with a Mitchell or Miller sign under their arm, but from my observations, it's mostly Trump.

    It also bears reminding everyone that Team "r" isn't too keen on Trump.

    Sure, the high and mighty party potentates are watching what they say on camera (or into a microphone), but when was the last time that you saw the standard bearer for the MRP here in Michigan strongly use the words "Vote Trump" in a sentence?

    Or, Lil' guv?

    And I cannot speak for your side of the state, but at the first viewing party in Novi recently, aside from a few candidates and county party officials, it was the Michigan Conservative Coalition at the reins...not the MRP.

    As weird as this is going to sound, McDaniel did the wrong thing for the right reason.

    And the end result will not be HER brightest day.

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  2. Ron Dwyer
    October 19, 2016 at 6:01 pm

    This wasn't a one time incident. She has also been battling with other delegates on facebook since the national convention. She even accused a friend of mine who run's a group called Truth Post as being racist. That group was created to sway democrats over but it also reports on all political happenings. Ms Day didn't like the fact the group posted a story about her and her anti-Trump tirades. Little did she know that when she started to smear this group and the creator of it that I not only was familiar with the group but also an administrator and the person she chose to go after was a friend of mine.

    In that tirade of hers she did more damage than good in growing the Republican base. Yes it was time for her to go.

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  3. JD
    October 19, 2016 at 6:28 pm

    ...with the obvious next question being:

    Who has more "NeverTrump"(ers) per capita in their ranks (total)?

    Would it be TeaPartiers or MiGOP RINOs given that neither will immediately force 'the other side' to come down (publicly) on one side or the other (see 33 Grand Traverse County Republicans or the 'esteemed' TP founder/'leader' above) for obvious gutless/self preserving reasons?

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  4. JD
    October 19, 2016 at 6:34 pm

    ...don't Wendy (and for that matter Jason's Dad) possess much more credibility for simply 'coming out' and expressing their viewpoint *publicly* than pretty much an entire state full of 'conservatives' on both sides?

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  5. Roug
    October 22, 2016 at 6:01 pm

    I know that party officials have to toe the line on rules and perhaps Ms. Day didn't make the best decision as it pertains to her acceptance within the party apparatus, and therefore, perhaps this separation is appropriate, but I'm thrilled to know that there are still conservatives within the GOP.

    I will probably vote for Trump as his opponent is reprehensible. But I cannot in good moral conscience support him. I can clearly see that of the tandem of worst candidates ever to face off for the presidency that she is the worst of the two.

    But wouldn't it have been great to actually field a conservative Republican to represent the GOP that could debate, could understood the issues and could also fight the party establishment?

    Unfortunately we sacrificed the first two considerations for the last one; this when we had proven and willing candidates available that could do all three.

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  6. Roug
    October 22, 2016 at 6:04 pm

    Oops...sorry for the grammar...using a cell.

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