Mr. Payne, That’s Just the Most Basic Side of Whitmer’s Fuel Tax Hike

It just warms the cockles of my heart that there is someone out there putting this obnoxious redistribution of our tax dollars into figures so the public is aware. This is what Michiganians are going to immediately feel out of their pocket.

Michiganians drive an average of 14,121 miles per year, according to the Federal Highway Administration. The average vehicle fuel economy for 2017 model-year vehicles was 24.9 miles per gallon, according to Environmental Protection Agency figures released Wednesday.

Do the math, and a 45-cent surcharge would add up to that $255 per year. That’s on top of the average current fuel bill of $1,389, assuming gasoline stays at the current $2.45 per gallon average price around the state.

Are the Envirotard dopes who are government subsidized in the purchase and, charging of driving their glorified golf carts around off the hook?


Under Gov. Rick Snyder’s tax plan of 2015, a byzantine formula cooked up by the state made sure electric cars didn’t escape paying their fair share to fix the roads. We’ll spare you the details, other than this: The annual fee for a hybrid-electric would jump from $47.50 to $160 under the Whitmer plan; for a pure EV, that fee would jump from $135 to $360.

Shocking? Nah, these Save-The-Planet buffoons need to pay more. Way more.

Anyhoo, there may be just one upside in the Whitmer/Gilchrist Inn‘s fuel tax hike for Northerners who enjoy the tranquility that occurs at the end of every tourist season.

Here’s the additional cost that would be incurred by drivers of five popular models. (All calculations assume they will be driven the average 14,121 miles per year.)

The best-selling vehicle in Michigan – the 27-mile-per-gallon all-wheel drive 1.5-liter Chevy Equinox – currently costs $1,281 annually to fuel up. The new gas tax would add $235 a year. Take the family to from Detroit to Mackinac Island to ride the horse-drawn carriages (unaffected by the gas hike), and your gas bill would rise by $4.80 to $30.47.

That folks, is what is called a Diversity Tax™.

Now, where the rubber really meets the road.

Drive a diesel? You’d pay the same 45-cent per gallon surcharge. That means a 22 mpg 2018 Ram 1500 turbo V-6 would cost $289 more to operate a year over the current $1,957 you’d pay if diesel fuel stayed steady at $3.05 per gallon.

Want groceries on store shelves? Diesel. Want that weekly garbage at the curb picked up? Diesel. Delivery of online scAmazon purchases? Diesel. There’s the hidden tax on everyone that will drive prices up while diminishing purchasing power. Does anyone need a reminder that we are the highest taxed in the Midwest?

Bottom line, everything in our world moves on diesel powered 18 wheels, especially, in Michigan.

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