Move Over Kate Upton

Michigan’s biggest pair of boobs.


From palling around with Jimmy Carter at his moonslime love fest to Elliot-Larsen, and the Minimum Wage hike… this November, with the lone exception being Ruth Johnson – I’ll be taking a vacation, not a vote.

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  1. KG One
    September 2, 2014 at 9:35 am

    I'll admit, ya had me going there CS.

    Here I thought that you had hacked into the puppy pounders own personal iCloud account and found those images that no one was ever supposed to see.

    But on a more serious note:

    To the (now second) worst president in the history of America; why not ask James Foley if he shares your overly optimistic assessment of the situation regarding Islam? I'm sure that he'll have plenty to say about the "Religion of Peace".

    Re: Mrs. Land's selling of ....,um, her soul to the LGBTIQ-crowd in exchange for votes. DeBoer may have wow'd them at the "where is everyone" MDP convention last week. But unless you caught her speech, republicans supporting Elliot-Larson expansion won't exactly translate into votes in the "-r" column in November.

    Besides, does that "no discrimination" policy you tweeted apply to churches and businesses that will have to conform to the dictates of the new thought police? There are numerous examples of the LGBTIQ-crowd using the power of government to get people to conform to the group-think.

    Hey, waitaminit! Isn't telling someone that what they believe and threatening them if they don't conform wrong. Not only that, but isn't that also a form of discrimination?

    Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, anyone?

    Ponder that while you're driving around Michigan in that International Pickup Truck to your next campaign appearance.

    Finally, Slick Rick.

    You are allegedly a learned person.

    So why are you not aware of the <a href="" CBO report released earlier this year detailing the massive amounts of job cuts made by employers (specifically small business owners), in order to fulfill the mandate you championed?

    Have you found some new stash of cash to replenish MARVIN?

    If not, the you're going to have a lot of irate unemployed voters to contend with this November.

    Unless your goal was to lose all along?

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