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Focus and Frank Foster

Singling in on one major reason for the defeat of incumbent Frank Foster

A quick note on something that cannot be stressed enough.

The fraud of the homosexual lobby and its intent on redefining civil rights, marriage, and decency must end.  A friend of mine says “homosexuality is the door through the heart, in which the devil can steal your soul.”  The reference of course, speaks to the ‘we love’ meme used to defend the behavior as normal.  He is correct.


Is there really any civil rights comparison to be made between a ‘sweet transvestite’ and Rosa Parks?

As uncomfortable as the issue is to some folks, it needs to be highlighted as one of the greatest dangers of our times.  Not because there are prowling homosexuals looking to capture and sodomize our children, but because it is even worse; we have doctors, teachers, and political leaders who will tell us that a dangerous and unhealthy lifestyle is OK, and normal, and ought to be protected.

Protected alongside of those who have suffered for merely having the wrong skin color, or have been born in the wrong lands. Sanctioned through civil rights legislation that has liberty stealing force of law behind it.

In Northern Michigan, a good thing happened Tuesday.  Frank Foster, a man who by virtue of his lunch dates in Lansing alone, should not be representing the 107th district was voted off the animal farm.  Voted most desirable date to go to the Capitol prom by lobbyists, he was a top recipient of food and drink topping Randy Richardville the Senate majority leader in 2013.

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Will the real Rick Snyder, please stand up?

The governor’s spin people are certainly working overtime trying to pour industrial quantities of perfume on his latest pig (a.k.a. Detroit Bailout).

I’m not going to go (too much) into why this was a terrible package of bills. I’ve done that enough already.

No, today I’m going to go into why Gov. Snyder can’t just show just a tad of integrity, take a position on an issue and simply stick with it.

It really isn’t that difficult to do (unless of course your name is Rick Snyder).

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Frank Foster Views Race And Lifestyle Choice Equally

fosterIts not surprising to see the comments by Foster in today’s Petsokey News story.

Lee Chatfield, a candidate challenging Frank Foster for Michigan’s 107th State Representative race is being questioned for campaign donations accepted from true Republican Dave Agema’s pac.  Agema, a conservative who (contrary to progressives and apparently Frank Foster) believes in the sanctity of marriage, and that is between one man and one woman.

Foster, utilizing the Alinsky tactic of isolation would like to paint Chatfield in the manner that progressive liberal Republicans have tried previously with Agema himself.  But there is a very good reason he would do so. A reason that most folks might not be aware.  From The Petoskey News

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