Will the real Rick Snyder, please stand up?

The governor’s spin people are certainly working overtime trying to pour industrial quantities of perfume on his latest pig (a.k.a. Detroit Bailout).

I’m not going to go (too much) into why this was a terrible package of bills. I’ve done that enough already.

No, today I’m going to go into why Gov. Snyder can’t just show just a tad of integrity, take a position on an issue and simply stick with it.

It really isn’t that difficult to do (unless of course your name is Rick Snyder).

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Last week, Gov. Snyder hopped in his Nerdmobile and drove down to Detroit to do a victory lap and meet with various news outlets to turn the screws on outstate taxpayers elaborate more on his “Grand Bargain” to save Detroit.

Viewers/readers got to hear explanations like:


“This is truly a unique circumstance.”


“This isn’t a bailout, it’s a settlement.”


What is curious/sad/pathetic is that Gov. Snyder didn’t have the courage to follow the advice of someone very close to him.

Allow me to introduce everyone.

Governor Rick Snyder (2014), meet Governor Rick Snyder (2013).

 Hello, Rick Snyder(2013), I’m Rick Snyder(2014). I’m pleased to meet you.













Hello, Rick Snyder (2014). No, the pleasure is all mine.




Last July on CBS’ “Face the Nation”, while being interviewed by Bob Schieffer, this is what Gov. Rick Snyder (2013) had to say about a Detroit Bailout:

“,,, granting Detroit a government bailout would be the wrong way to help the bankrupt city.

“I do not view that as the right answer.”

“The right answer is, bankruptcy is there to deal with the debt question.”

Snyder went on to say that the state cannot bail out Detroit.

“It’s not just about putting more money in a situation,” the governor said. “It’s about better services to citizens again. It’s about accountable government.”


Ummm, yeah? About that accountable government thing?

Whatever happen to that?

Let me show everyone Exhibit “A”: HB-5571 (prohibition of DIA Tax renewal).

According to The Detroit Free Press:

“There was no support for that on this committee,” Richardville said. “That was difficult for me. It’s an important asset for the City of Detroit and state of Michigan. It was strange that the Legislature would be telling local governments that they can’t make their own decisions, or have a vote of their own people.”

Strange the “lack of support” from the Michigan Senate?

That bill easily sailed through the Michigan House without any difficulty? Exactly why would there have been any problem in the Senate?

Look, it’s one thing to be flat out lied to regarding the “need” for a DIA tax. It’s even worse when the Michigan Senate, Specifically Senator Richardville, doesn’t feel that taxpayers should be paying for what is potentially now a “private” entity.

Are you sure that you upcoming trip to Europe isn’t clouding your judgement and preventing you from doing right thing, Senator Richardville?

And then there is Exhibit “B”: HB-5566 – Creation of Detroit fiscal management oversight commission, and oddly overlooked by most pundits.

Let’s look at the problem section, namely Sec. 3(h):


“’Qualified city’ means a city with a population of more than 600,000 that is subject to a plan for adjustment.”


Most people have forgotten that people are leaving Detroit en masse.

That latest figures that I’ve pulled up show Detroit population under 700k.

That number has been falling for years now.

When that trigger number of 600k is hit, according to the legislation that Gov. Snyder (2014) is pushing, the oversight commission goes away, and things go back to what they were in Detroit.

Although I highly doubt that Michigan Taxpayers will see one cent of the $195-million returned to Lansing.

And just on case you think that this is an isolated case of cognitive dissonance, I’ll give you yet another example of two very different Rick Snyder’s.

Rick Snyder (early May 2014) on the issue of “Gay Marriage”:


“It’s not really relevant, because, again, the way I view it, if this was a policy issue, a legislative issue, it would be relevant.”


Let me introduce you to Rick Snyder (late May 2014):


“I don’t believe in discrimination and I think it would be great if they, the Legislature, looked at it later in the year.” (Rick Snyder on Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act)

This is going to be shaping up to be one very interesting gubernatorial race this fall.

I wonder which Rick Snyder will show up then?

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  1. Corinthian Scales
    June 9, 2014 at 6:04 am

    Hmmm, lets rephrase that second to last sentence in the form of a question.

    This is going to be shaping up to be one very interesting gubernatorial race this fall?

    Nope. Completely uninteresting, and without doubt, totally uninspiring.


    Piss on Snyder.

    You Betcha! (2)Nuh Uh.(0)

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