Might I suggest a nice rubber room? Be sure to bring your friends Dana & Jocelyn with you.

Talk about disconnect!

Gov. Witless demonstrates (yet, again) how so out of touch she is with her despotic “leadership” method.

It goes a long way towards explaining much of what is in the media over the last few days.

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Big Wretch, er I mean Big Gretch is making the rounds on the late night talk show circuit auditioning for the democrat VP slot telling people the best way to make them dependent upon government by destroying your own state’s economy, doing a victory lap on how well her “leadership” has worked in Michigan.

On “Late Night” she went into some detail regarding some of her secrets.

One of her takeaways was this little nugget of wisdom;

“Sure, I’m not universally agreed with. Even those that disagree are staying home and doing the right things, because they know how serious this is.”

Um, no.

People are staying home because they literally have no other options.

Parks and playgrounds have been ORDERED closed under your own order. Michigan Businesses have been ORDERED closed under your own order (Brian Calley is certainly earning his paycheck on this one). Local government meetings have been ORDERED closed under your own order.

Those who do try to do something get a nastygram from your stazi-sidekick, AG Nessel threatening their Liberty & livelihood if they don’t comply!

If people really believe you, then explain the turnout here, here, here (with a ton of rain and the Michigan Legislature closed on purpose), and here?

Still looking forward to the Michigan Supreme Court ruling…

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  1. Sue Schwatrz
    May 19, 2020 at 10:50 am

    Watched the oral arguments. First impression was, baby's are arguing my future? However, Atty Williams, was very well prepared. Included the history of these two statutes. The Judge inquired about constitutional issues...most telling was the Gretch's attorney's answer. He responded something like, the history lesson was good and then brought the discussion around to the word "area" Fatal flaw for him. Turns out the second Act came about after the '67 Detroit riots and was created to give the gov, the ability to close down an "area", (which anyone who remembers, Detroit had tanks in the streets and much looting going on. Xways were closed and curfews were imposed.) The history lesson provided made the "area" argument. Gretch's baby attorney said "area" meant the whole state. Fatal argument. Getting the feeling that we'll all be able to see each other come next Wednesday, assuming the opinion is released Mon/Tues. This means all Executive orders post 4/28/2Q will be null and void.

    Anyway, Gretch is gonna loose this round (and most likely all the other suits filed against her) which is why she's opening up the upper and upper lower peninsulas as a per-emptive strike. Restaurants are opening but hotels cannot yet? But the restaurants and bars within the hotels can? And now, with Trump taking prophylactic HCQ/zinc, (this same dose is routinely prescribed prophylactic to those traveling to African and other malaria regions including to our military) really shoots a huge hole in actions to interfere with doctors and pharmacists filling these prescriptions under fear of loosing their license . . .BOOM! Then there's the deaths due to her interference in dr/pt relationship. Unforgivable.

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