MDOT Wastes More Tax Dollars on Hollywood Nonsense

MDOT’s latest effort at abject buffoonery? Click HERE. What crap. Did you count how many union scale jagoffs were standing around with their prevailing wage shovels in their hands? Ya, I did too. Look, it’s no secret that the real waste within MDOT is the layers of bureaucrats who are more interested in their job security than with accountability of our tax dollars squandered so as not to upset organized labor. What has been The Left’s agenda? Raise minimum wage. Who benefits most from raising the minimum wage? Public sector unions. What has MDOT done to modernize its operations? Not a damn thing other than make damage control propaganda wasting more of our tax dollars instead of fixing roads.

Screw ’em. Not another penny in fuel tax and registration fee hikes. Automate their jobs too.

The Kiwis have been doing this since 1985, folks…

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  1. KG One
    April 15, 2014 at 1:18 pm

    "A lasting fix will require a far greater investment than we're making right now." - John Richard MDOT Spokeswonk

    I'll tell you what, John.

    Take that video crew of yours over to the Romney Building...

    No wait, scratch that!

    Take that video crew to Gov. Snyder's house over in A^2, pound on the door and ask the man himself why he is so reticent on spending revenue collected for transportation, on actual transportation projects.

    Building roads correctly in the first place greatly reduces the need for the level of potholes that we're seeing today.

    Or, you can take your video crew in tow and make more videos telling us things that we are already aware of.

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  2. RW Troll
    April 15, 2014 at 8:24 pm

    Rep. Schmidt, Chair of the transportation committee in the house addressed our group last fall. He presented the MDOT budget. As one would expect it is a tangled web of arrows, departments and $ signs. When asked just how much money actually gets spent fixing or building roads and bridges by MDOT or contractors, Rep. Schmidt's answer was, MDOT won't tell us.

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