AFP Michigan – 2014 Tax Day Rally Livonia Video

Okay, for those of you you didn’t have the chance to attend one of the rallies scheduled across Michigan, I’ve posted video below from Saturday’s AFP Tax Day Rally at Schoolcraft College in Livonia (H/T KG Two).

All in all, the video I saw was interesting and informative.

Congressman Bentivolio was there meeting with attendees as they arrived, unfortunately they didn’t have him speaking to the group as a whole during the event.

Michigan State Senator Patrick Colbeck was there and gave a short speech about himself, his term in office and some of the shenanigans various groups, whom I strongly suspect were affiliated with The Center for Michigan, pull on incoming legislators.

WJR Air Personality Frank Beckmann was next. What I personally found curious is how his style in front of a live audience is subtly (but definitely noticeably) different than when he is on the air. He really needs to adopt the latter when he is on ‘JR.

Next was Town Hall Contributor and WIBC Indy Air Personality Tony Katz. Cigar quips aside, I had enjoyed his portion more than Beckmann’s, especially with his take on direct taxation and its history. Nothing against rooting for the “hometown” guy, he was just more interactive with the audience (with apologies to Aretha Franklin).

Bill McMaster was also there meeting with those attending, but he didn’t speak before the group either.

{Continued below the fold}

Just a couple of quick notes:

First, my main gear was down due to battery problems (now fixed), so I had to send out my backup gear. Because of this problem, the video is broken up into several parts due to the swapping out of batteries and cards. Fortunately, this happened mainly between speakers and only for a few seconds at most.

Second, all told the video is about 1 hour 15 minutes long.

Third, to the AFP-Michigan people: From what I’ve been told, it was a good morning/afternoon, so kudos are in order. But you guys really need to give us more heads up on these events!

The headcount that was given to me was about 150 people.

Not bad given the notice, but remember: More heads up = More People.

Fourth, pw’s are case sensitive.

That been said, sit back and enjoy at your leisure.

Part 1


Part 2

Part 3

Part 4


And finally, Part 5 (FYI, there is a portion at the very end that is NSFW. It is relevant to the point the speaker is making…Consider yourself warned).


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  2 comments for “AFP Michigan – 2014 Tax Day Rally Livonia Video

  1. April 14, 2014 at 9:25 am

    Thanks KG! Great work on being there and sharing this.

    I was in a couple of other meetings on Saturday and caught some streaming AFP did for a few minutes at a time, but could not make any of the four events they did on Sat.

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    • dennis milosch
      April 14, 2014 at 11:52 am

      I attended AFP event with a fellow patriot. The phone calling activity, with about 35 people, and a good number of instructors following the speakers, was encouraging and hopeful for the future. I recieved 2 to 5 e-mails a day for the last week and 3 phone calls encouraging our attendence. This is a good sign that AFP is working to get themselfs and us up to speed. We need to have them supporting conservatives in downriver and Monroe county.

      Dennis Milosch
      "uncle D"

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