I wonder if this can be made into a class action lawsuit?

The Detroit News has reported this afternoon that Gov. Witless is facing a fourth lawsuit filed against her for questionably written and dubiously “enforced” executive orders.

The lawsuit, filed in the US Eastern District Court of Michigan by Attorney David Helm this afternoon on behalf of four Michiganians, contends the Executive Orders are “arbitrary, capricious, irrational and abusive.” and a violation of the First and Fifth Amendments.

This is on top of a lawsuit filed earlier by Attorney Philip L. Ellison in the Michigan Court of Claims yesterday for Gov. Witless’ E.O.2020-38 which delays FOIA responses.

Another lawsuit was filed earlier by Attorney Robert Muise from the American Freedom Law Center on behalf of Andrew Belanger, who was protesting at an abortion clinic in Detroit. That case was subsequently dismissed with prejudice on Tuesday and the City of Detroit agreed to drop the citation.

Finally, there also is the case of Esshaki v. Whitmer et al (20-10831) pertaining to the case of Eric Esshaki who cannot collect the required number of signatures to run against certifiable nut-job Haley Stevens.That case was scheduled to be heard this afternoon at 1:30. There is nothing new to report as of the time of this post.

Four lawsuit in about a week…what are the odds?

I cannot help but wonder if Mr. Helm is looking for others to sign onto his lawsuit?

Stay tuned…

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  1. Corinthian Scales
    April 14, 2020 at 9:39 pm

    Stay tuned...

    Kiss my ass with this common flu we’ve seen before called SARS-cov-2.

    Lawyers? FuuuUUUuuuck you! {my best Carlin voice}

    If any class action of a suit should happen it is on the retards in this state that ate this bullshit up, throwing good people of Michigan into bankruptcy - looking at you Shirkey and Chatfield - and billions of state budget Whitmer shitcanned for a communist Vote By Mail agenda because Orange Man Bad.

    Every elected official in Lansing, our private club we pay taxes for, knew her fat ass wanted to be VP. Bathhouse Barry looking really old looking, maybe his Michael cornholes him too much? Just sayin. Who knows with the Joementia molesting his staff endorsement thing. Whitmer tho... a rape survivor... even played morbidly obese with underlying health problems, pre and diabetic blacks that carpetbagging Duggan in Detroit and Whitmer coordinated for headlines, they knew. What will that body count shake out to be? Time WILL tell.

    ...with our U.S. Army Corps of Engineers are disassembling hospital beds as I type.

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