He really must not be looking very hard!

Don't bother me. I'm letting people think that I know what I'm doing.

Don’t bother me. I’m letting people think that I know what I’m doing.


When he’s not busy assuaging his troubled conscience with other people’s money or letting terrorists into Michigan for the very same reason, Gov. Rick Snyder (along with his BFF’s Lil’ Guv Calley, Sen. Meekhof and apparently Speaker Cotter) are still working diligently behind the scenes to shake down Michigan Motorists and businesses to fix the perpetual joke that is Michigan Roads.

I should stress how important the latter is, because the guv’s crew often “forgets”  that goods actually get onto those shelves at your local store via truck…not some transporter beam from Star Trek or magical fairies daintily waving their wands.

I also shouldn’t need to remind anyone here of Basic Econ 101, where my boss isn’t going to eat the cost of higher fees & taxes Gov. Snyder & Co. will eagerly impose on him. He (and I’ll venture a guess every other business as well) will pass most, if not all, of that cost along to you.

Just something to keep in mind the next time you run out to your local store for anything.

So where is MDOT flushing more of your hard-earned road funding down the toilet this week?

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Hey, everybody, I’M BACK!!!


I mentioned a few months ago on how MDOT, in their ultimate wisdom, felt that actually mowing the lawn along I-696 between I-75 and I-94 was just too hard. So to apparently save money, they ripped out all of the grass and replaced it with…shrubbery.

This wasn’t a very good plan because no one from MDOT ever bothered to check and see if what they were planting was even suitable for the environment they were planting it in.

Here’s a hint: It wasn’t.

Noted expert on shrubbery, “No, it wasn’t a very good shrubbery at all.”

But hey, it’s not as if they were spending THEIR own money, or that anyone’s job was ever in any jeopardy due to their ineptitude and noticeable lack of a green thumb. We’re talking about Lansing bureaucrats here. Gov. Snyder has got their back!

So, what originally started off as an almost half a million dollar fix, ballooned by another $2.3-million this month when MDOT decided to just go along the freeway and cover everything dead with mulch.

I-696 Mulch Job - Photo 001

I-696 Mulch Job - Photo 004

Oh, and the estimate for those replacement shrubs (yes, those are still going in), is now over $600,000.

It’s a shame when there aren’t any examples of government waste our Cracker Jack governor can cite to, I don’t know, reprogram on actually fixing Michigan Roads?

Our roads are still is pathetic shape given what Michigan Motorists are already paying at the pump and at the SoS.

And what passes for “leadership” in Lansing still keeps looking… to raise taxes.

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  1. Corinthian Scales
    October 1, 2015 at 12:56 pm

    Mulch and shrubs. Yep, much like the rest of how our state government operates... it's like putting a diamond on a goat's ass.

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