Energy so Clean it can be Seen and Smelled Miles Away

Meet Exelon, not sure if it’s Harvest I or, Harvest II, but it is wind turbine #17.

Said it before but, let’s revisit the wind scam again from the blog Watts Up With That?, If Solar And Wind Are So Cheap, Why Are They Making Electricity So Expensive?

Hirth predicted that the economic value of wind would decline 40% once it reached 30% of electricity, and that the value of solar would drop by 50% when it reached 15% of electricity.EP

In 2017, the share of electricity coming from wind and solar was 53 percent in Denmark, 26 percent in Germany, and 23 percent in California. Denmark and Germany have the first and second most expensive electricity in Europe.

By reporting on the declining costs of solar panels and wind turbines but not on how they increase electricity prices, journalists are — intentionally or unintentionally — misleading policymakers and the public about those two technologies.

The Los Angeles Times last year reported that California’s electricity prices were rising, but failed to connect the price rise to renewables, provoking a sharp rebuttal from UC Berkeley economist James Bushnell.

Recall what the Recucklican Majority passed during lame duck 2016?

That’s right folks, Senate Bill 437 and, Senate Bill 438. Please do review the names and how they voted because a lot of them are still there.

On a brighter note, am very thankful for term limits, which prevented another possible term of the assclown team of Snyder/Calley. And, no, the corpulent menopausal daughter of a insurance lobbyist isn’t going to be any different than having Dumb Nerd around. Why? Because rotund Gretchen, along with Brian Calley, started the ball rolling with the costly energy crap in 2008.

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  1. Robert Kerr
    April 3, 2019 at 1:12 pm

    Lets not forget, they had another Turbine lose a blade back in November.
    Now, we are learning that the real average lifespan of these behemoths is only about 10 years, not the 30 that was being spewed early on, and these will NEVER recover their costs, either in financial terms, Or in terms of the energy to produce them vs their lifetime energy production.

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