Election Day Whistleblowers Speak Out about Need for In-Depth Fraud Hearings in Lansing

Conservative Activists Wonder Why Republican Leaders are Unwilling to Act

LANSING, MI (Nov. 27) — Republican state leaders have refrained from scheduling a hearing that addresses the hundreds of sworn affidavits attesting to grotesque fraud under penalty of perjury.

The hearings in Pennsylvania on Wednesday unveiled shocking stories of impropriety, delivered by countless credible sources, that have started to influence public opinion. Still, Michigan lawmakers refuse to schedule hearings despite significant constituent pressure demanding them.

Former state senator Patrick Colbeck of Canton does not believe the attitude from his former colleagues is acceptable. He was on the floor of the absentee voter ballot counting board on election night in Detroit and believes the sworn testimony of these whistleblowers must be heard.

“Media says they see no evidence of fraud.  Legislative leadership says, “We have not yet been made aware of any information that would change the outcome of the election in Michigan.” Hundreds of poll challengers who witnessed fraud such as myself beg to differ.  We believe that the truth about election needs to finally be heard without a media censorship filter,” Colbeck said.

Other whistleblowers who observed fraud on election day and have signed sworn affidavits attesting to such are speaking out and demanding to be heard as well.

“The people of Michigan deserve fair, open, transparent elections, and this year, for the first time in decades, their trust in our elections was shattered. If lawmakers fail in this most basic duty to hear the testimony of dozens of not hundreds of eyewitnesses, Michiganders at large will lose faith not only in their electoral process  but in their Legislature as well,” said poll worker Adam de Angeli of Milan.

“I believe that what I saw, not only at the TCF Center but also in over 3 weeks of early voting poll watching, and by reading the sworn affidavits of dozens of my fellow poll challengers, that citizens were denied a fair election guaranteed by the State of Michigan. We should demand House and Senate hearings immediately,” said whistleblower Phil O’Halloran of Bloomfield.

“We were not allowed to see ballots at tables close up because of COVID, but when it was time to leave, that meant nothing. We were pushed out as quickly as possible then the crowds were huddled in areas by the elevators since most had to get to the roof where cars were parked. The elevator, which were to have only 2 in at a time, were full of people. COVID was only an issue to keep the challengers from seeing ballots,” poll challenger Kathy Kubik of Commerce said about how her rights were violated at the absentee vote counting board in Detroit.

“I was a credentialed election challenger in both the primary and the general election at the Detroit Absent Voter Counting Boards in Detroit. I have sworn testimony that I have presented that, I believe, is clear evidence of election fraud of significant degree,” said whistleblower Bob Cushman, who sued the state of Michigan to reaffirm the rights of poll challengers before the election.

Republican state leaders have steadfastly refused to conduct any investigation into the claims made by these whistleblowers. It was attorney Aaron Van Langevelde, who works as deputy legal counsel for the Michigan House Republican Policy Office, that certified the dubious vote result even as whistleblowers pleaded with him at the hearing not to do so.

Now, it’s House Oversight Committee Chair Matt Hall of Marshall who is making up pathetic excuses to refuse to do hearings like what has taken place in Pennsylvania. “We considered it, and we determined that logistically, it wasn’t going to work,” Hall said to Bridge Michigan.

Republican leaders in Lansing have never acknowledged what happened and apparently have no interest in even addressing the facts of what occurred on election night.

“It is unfathomable that Michigan Republican leaders in Lansing would stab their own constituents in the back,” said Shane Trejo of Whistleblowers United, a nascent organization founded to venerate whistleblowers who are speaking out against voter fraud.

“It was conservatives who were down there in Detroit, getting terrorized, harassed, demeaned, in order to protect the Republican Party against a third-world style vote steal. Now, Republicans must stand up for their rights, so their voices can be heard, so justice can be served. Any Republican who does other wise needs to be driven out of public service forever,” he added.

A rally is scheduled to take place in Lansing on Sunday, Nov. 28 at Noon outside of the Capitol in Lansing. Conservatives hope that these continued protests will compel Republican lawmakers to act before it’s too late and faith in democracy is lost forever.

Editor’s Note: Matt Hall can be reached at (517) 373-1787 and MattHall@house.mi.gov. Please ask him why he refuses to act as a Trump supporter to support electoral integrity and the whistleblowers who were on the front lines against third-world gangster fraud. Please let him know that his career will be over unless he finds his spine quickly and convenes hearings where whistleblowers can let the truth be known. And make sure to let others know that the power is in Hall’s hands, and any excuses for inaction are unacceptable.

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  11 comments for “Election Day Whistleblowers Speak Out about Need for In-Depth Fraud Hearings in Lansing

  1. Sue Schwatrz
    November 27, 2020 at 9:54 pm

    Shane, Bob, Patrick, Phil, I am just so proud to know you all.

    So then, all this crap happened in the 2018 primary and general election. Am I right? Yup, fer sure. No one would vote for the gretch team but for rampant election fraud. We got to get those black boxes. And yes, Patrick, those MaChines are on-line and have their own IP addresses. No hard line necessary. And, isn't it interesting that exit polls never existed but rather hard lined directly from the authorities. ANd, what about Benson giving away on-line access to the data base while the election is going on. Gosh Darn, even I can't be that smart to make this up. Gotta be a crime or two in all this.

    All over Europe they are doing pot, pan and wooden spoon rallys. When they take your guns, you use whatever available.

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  2. Corinthian Scales
    November 27, 2020 at 10:56 pm

    The wrinkly gray elephant is dead.

    The Lion Party begins.

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  3. KG One
    November 28, 2020 at 7:16 am

    I wouldn't say that nothing is being done, but you've got a point that the kakistocracy is taking an uncharacteristic "hand-off" approach given the circumstances.

    Especially given Rep. Hall's history (I can only surmise that applies ONLY when it is politically expedient for his career to do so).

    I'm going to touch base on this later on today once I get some more information.

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  4. Russell D Spencer
    November 28, 2020 at 10:59 am

    In 2016 the Wayne County Democrat Party came close to putting sugar in the tank of the Republican campaign car.
    In 2018 they tried the same but, this time, succeeded.
    In July 2019 I wrote a polite letter, a copy posted on FB November 9th, to Laura Cox, MiGOP chair, warning that the same thing was about to happen in 2020. I was looking to hear of any pro-active planning to counter this. Despite follow-ups over the succeeding couple of months I heard nothing – not even the simple courtesy of an acknowledgement.

    So, Laura took the time and money of the many enthusiastic and loyal supporters and used it to detail the bodywork of the campaign car – the same old standard GOTV routine.
    Meanwhile there was the Wayne County Democrat Party lurking with a bag of sugar in one hand and our gas cap in the other.

    In 2020, 2 days after the election MiGOP sent out urgent messages for loyalists to come down to Cobo Hall. Too late! No antic frantic panic can substitute for forward planning.

    The dems deserved to win Michigan, they had the perfect plan and trained their people well to execute it. We were caught asleep at the switch and the canvassers were somehow expected to fix it – shame!
    We were out planned, outspent, outmuscled and outsmarted at the key and most vulnerable location and time.
    It’s about time we elected State Party officers and Legislators with leadership qualities and moxie.

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  5. Corinthian Scales
    November 28, 2020 at 12:40 pm


    "he is convinced the problem was one of human error."

    How it's done👇


    Is it some kind of requirement I am unaware of that every level of Michigan Republican leadership are to be as useless as tits on a boar?

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  6. Sue Schwartz
    November 28, 2020 at 3:18 pm

    Russell, there were those of us who saw this coming and did whatever. Election Integrity Fund, Colbeck's group, did, in fact, register to become challengers. They did training all over the state at the Trump Victory centers. Up here in TC, with all the never-Trumpers, training was scheduled but we were denied thanks to all these never-Trumpers. SHAME! There were others, independent of even the Fund, or MIGOP, wanting AV Boards covered.

    I nagged and nagged, after getting challengers who took the Election Integrity Fund training AND the really crappy MIGOP training. It was clear to me all the MIGOP wanted was everyone to put their app in their phones; cept phones weren't allowed in AV counting boards. Musta said this three or four times throughout the training by MIGOP. Then, getting the credentials outta the MIGOP was worse than pulling teeth. OK, Trump did come to town twice the day before the election and all hands had be on-deck; but, we were told that we'd receive the credentials at the end of the training. LIE! To those who showed up at the TCF, their credentials never came and the Election Integrity Fund, through one of its attorneys, issued credentials. MIGOP said we had to be "vetted". HAHAHAHAHAHAHA who vet's the vetter???? My credentials came at 1:30 AM. I've been poll-watching, challenging since 1994. I saw how unbelievably crappy the MIGOP training was? So, for about a year, there's been poll challenger recruiting. And, since all this crap went on in 2018, I believe gretch is unlawful. And, it occurs to me that Shuittie might just be involved somehow too.

    Lastly, masks are medical devices and state actors do not have any authority or jurisdiction to prescribe medical devices.

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  7. Russell D Spencer
    November 29, 2020 at 10:35 am

    It is a crime to prevent or interfere with the legally authorized actions of a poll challenger:
    All poll worker appointments are legally required to be equally apportioned between the dems and Republicans. In fact at Cobo Hall the only Republican poll workers were a tiny token minority. Yet many Republican applicants were turned down.
    Legally the public is entitled to watch the count process. Detroit police prevented entry to Cobo even to accredited challengers.
    A chain of custody for movement of ballots is a legal requirement that was brazenly flouted in Wayne County.
    All of this has occurred before, all of this could have been foreseen. In the period July through September 2019 I tried to get MRP to have a plan to counter these offenses by actual law enforcement. No-one paid any attention at all.
    The only law enforcement body present during the count was the Detroit police which acted as the muscle of the Democrat Party. Arrangements should have been made to forestall this, by assignment of troopers or marshals for example.
    Now, with all this brazen flouting of our election laws, the State Legislature won't even hold hearings?
    Republican grassroot dedication won the Get Out The Vote, Republican leadership lost miserably in the counting process.
    FacePalm x99!

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