Don’t You Have Pots To Scrub Julie?

Lt Governor Julie Calley looking to ignore the responsibilities of home?

What about binkies and blankees?

there is news that the wife of L.t Governor Brian Calley will be making a run for a Michigan House seat this year. Commissioner Julie Calley has created a campaign committee to run in the 87th House District, a safe Republican seat that includes Barry as well as part of Ionia County.  While Calley is already engaged in the political theater, perhaps she doesn’t understand the time investment difference between duties as a commissioner, and that of a state rep.

nowAnd yeah.. I get it.  The title is a little provocative.

I realize the life of a housewife (or beta male) isn’t all laundry, cooking, and washing dishes.  Though we hope the Calley household has some of those things taken care of (for the sake of the chilluns and hygiene), a realistic life at home is far more fulfilling.  Even while the National Organization for Women (see picture of iron-Clad logo at right) might suggest to impressionable young mothers’ (or other less dominant members of our species) minds that getting out of the house away from the kids is good, perhaps there ought to be an examination of the whole situation first.

The family unit needs to be a little more traditional to produce good results.  Focus on the Family’s Jill Savage outlines some of the most important facets regarding why a stay at home parent is a good thing.

“.. Home is where a child learns who they are. Each of us is created uniquely by God. We have unique gifts, talents, and temperaments. Home is the place those are discovered and celebrated.

Home is where we learn whose we are. We’re not designed to journey through life alone. God created us to have relationship with Him. The most effective place for us to learn that is not at church — it’s at home!

Home serves as our base camp. It’s where we rest our head every night. It’s the place we find clean clothes and a warm meal. It’s a place of protection from the world and all that it demands.

With all the diverse roles that home plays in our life, someone has to be on duty to stay true to the construction blueprint.  ”

When folks start to wonder what happened to our society they might look at how we have reared our young inappropriately first.

Poorly reared and parentally ignored  kids will become poorly adjusted adults; a cycle that might be hard to fix.  And particularly in this case of the Calley’s, there is another little quirky twist.  As the ’embarrassed’ parents of an autistic spectrum daughter, they lobbied and worked for legislation forcing insurance companies to provide expanded assistance to those with a similar ‘affliction.’

We live our lives with the consequences of our actions.  And a few years back the newly elected, yet not quite installed, lieutenant nerd Calley said that we should live with the consequences of HIS actions as well. (and you guys thought he wasn’t conservative!)  Has Calley pursued his political career (something I can attest is time consuming) perhaps at the cost of his offspring’s mental well being?  And his wife, has followed suit, no doubt feeling the ‘liberated woman’ thing into the county commission political arena.

So in the meantime, she is willing to complicate the relationship between parent and child?

At that time, I argued for some sanity (that was ignored) and personal responsibility.  Yo Calleys!  Those are YOUR kids, not mine.

“But what about my hangnails? my neighbor’s bad back? A friends depression? A mysterious affliction that we will discover next year?”


And then what happens to the already ’embarrassingly’ messed up psyche of the Calley Children?

More time away from mom, dad pretending to be dad by ‘babysitting‘ the kids, or pretending that he will actually have time?  And I have always wondered if there is causality between poor parenting in resulting difficulties with the autistic child.   I have sometimes wondered as well if there is a relationship with the onset of conditions diagnosed in later childhood years as autism.  As to the former, I suggested as much in 2010

” With all due respect Mr. Calley.  If your daughter has Autism, she needs YOU.  She needs your time AT HOME, with the loving attention you can afford to her like no specialist paid for with coerced funds.  But she does not need a mandate on the rest of us to pay higher premium on OUR plans.  The type of proposal you want is part of the grand ‘let government fix all things that are bad’ mentality.

We cannot afford to keep doing that.  We just plain cannot. “

.. and will continue to do so.




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  2 comments for “Don’t You Have Pots To Scrub Julie?

  1. KG One
    January 8, 2016 at 4:16 pm

    Watching these to go after the public trough time and time again, reminds me of another married couple up in Sterling Heights who ran for multiple public offices instead of finding real jobs: Sal & Sue Rocca.

    Originally democrats (until it fell out of favor to be one in that part of Macomb County), those two "republicans" ran for just about every office from the local up to the state level, and get this, while running on the ballot under the name S. Rocca.

    As much as I hate to say this, the Calley's little antics don't surprise me in the least.

    From him using his office to get Michigan Taxpayers to spring for his daughter's health care, this isn't the first time that he spent time away from (what should be) his primary concern. Remember when he took weekly trips out to Boston to attend Harvard?

    Not that raising children the right way REALLY matters in the Calley family anyway.

    Who can forget Julie Calley's coked out brother-in-law?

    And just in case anyone is wondering with his latest brush with the law, the judge did give him a slap on the wrist when everyone's attention was focused elsewhere in the weeks leading up to the holiday.

    I can't wait to see how Collin, Karagan and Reagan turn out after their parents repeated forays at public office (to say nothing about campaigning for said office(s) as Jason alluded to above) serious cuts into their family time.

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