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Don’t You Have Pots To Scrub Julie?

Lt Governor Julie Calley looking to ignore the responsibilities of home?

What about binkies and blankees?

there is news that the wife of L.t Governor Brian Calley will be making a run for a Michigan House seat this year. Commissioner Julie Calley has created a campaign committee to run in the 87th House District, a safe Republican seat that includes Barry as well as part of Ionia County.  While Calley is already engaged in the political theater, perhaps she doesn’t understand the time investment difference between duties as a commissioner, and that of a state rep.

nowAnd yeah.. I get it.  The title is a little provocative.

I realize the life of a housewife (or beta male) isn’t all laundry, cooking, and washing dishes.  Though we hope the Calley household has some of those things taken care of (for the sake of the chilluns and hygiene), a realistic life at home is far more fulfilling.  Even while the National Organization for Women (see picture of iron-Clad logo at right) might suggest to impressionable young mothers’ (or other less dominant members of our species) minds that getting out of the house away from the kids is good, perhaps there ought to be an examination of the whole situation first.

The family unit needs to be a little more traditional to produce good results.  Focus on the Family’s Jill Savage outlines some of the most important facets regarding why a stay at home parent is a good thing.

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Merry Christmas To The Calleys

The lieutenant governor of Michigan expresses his CHRISTmas greeting.

There is no doubt we feel that Brian Calley could have made a difference by fighting much of Snyder’s progressive left agenda if he had acted the conservative he has claimed to be.

But this is a different message.  It is the message of the REASON for the SEASON.  It is about the birth of our savior, and what it means.  It is also a message that the sitting governor of our state (unlike those in Wisconsin or Indiana) is afraid to, or does not believe in sufficiently, to promote.  Indeed, “Happy holidays” doesn’t cut it.  And while some folks can water down their expectations by claiming that “Holy-days” was compressed into “holidays,” we must then ask “who’s holidays (holy days)?”


Thank you Mr and MRS Calley for your heartfelt wishes and exclamation of the reason for the season; Jesus Christ, and his promise of forgiveness. It is one that goes beyond our political desires.

Merry Christmas to the Calleys from RightMi.com

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