Democratic Party Voter Suppression Since at least 1924

What lengths will Michigan’s Democratic Party go to just to protect a looney tunes female in CD-11? Remember, this was brought to your attention before when stating, “What it always is about: power and, controlling the power of your vote.”

Well, here you go.

A decision by Eastern District of Michigan Judge Terrence Berg is expected in the coming days. He is an appointee of former President Barack Obama.

Whitmer noted the pending lawsuit on Friday.

“It’s really important that especially in times of crisis we protect these fundamentals that are truths of our democracy and our republic and that it’s important that we continue to have our elections, do them as well as we can and keep people safe in the process,” the governor added.

Like as in mail in election fraud? What about the governor’s “science and all of the best practices,” is all that just flapdoodle? Rock solid logic for old beer-swilling “Half” Whitmer who says abortion is life sustaining, right?

Oh, it gets better.

Uh-huh, the Soros broad and her disgraced crooked husband Ryan in Detoilet will always be in support of the agenda because “data driven” or some easily manipulated bullshit for extra hospital $$$, right?

And, of course, to complete the trifecta of matriarchy malaise the inflated ego radical lesbian (Oh, by the way, Hi Dana!) gets in her lawyer-ball shot.

State Attorney General Dana Nessel’s Office is defending the Tuesday deadline, arguing that it is a “necessary cog in Michigan’s election machinery.”

The Attorney General’s Office has noted that other candidates “met their burden to show the requisite modicum of support for achieving ballot access. Plaintiff’s failure to do so could just as well be the result of a lack of popular support than social-distancing impediments.”

Impediments? Ah, so that’s what “Half” Whitmer’s EO 2020-42 is. Thanks for clearing that up Nasty Nessel.

Honestly, not much has changed with Democrats over the last 96 years.

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