Cowboys and Carpetbaggers

Sometimes one and the same?

We know the guy doesn’t live up here.  That’s the easy part.

The drooling fool forgot to review the video below the fold.  If he had, he might have seen ol Festus ridin up there on the bonanza.

A snot nosed kid with no substantive accomplishments in his life except to be married to the biggest fundraiser for Barack Obama.  And he wants to represent a district that he has only visited three or four times in his life; two of which were to run against the ‘hillbilly’ locals.

No seriously.. a ‘snot nosed kid.’


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  1. JD
    October 4, 2016 at 4:19 am

    I think that Bergman (along with every other Republican/Democrat nationwide) is worrying more about ashamedly manipulating campus debate scenarios such as Northern Michigan University's upcoming debacle (purposely) leaving out the Libertarian candidate.

    While all 3 parties admittedly refuse to address the major issues soon engulfing our children's future?

    It would be 'nice' for at least one of these two candidates to step forward (immediately) acknowledging the value of debate by demanding that this election's eventual outcome swayer(?) be allowed on ANY stage smiling right there beside them.

    Nothing PROVES more disdain for our youth than denying them a proper debate in their own educational settings for obvious reasons.

    'That' is what their history books will read and NEITHER establishment Party could care less (corrupt pension/health obligation bond supporting 'Tea Partiers' to boot).

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    • Jason
      October 4, 2016 at 7:52 am

      I don't understand today's Libertarians very much.

      They are Democrats.

      Bostow is a pro abort left winger, and frankly won't get 2% of the vote. As for allowing her on the stage, she hasn't been on it already. There are no editorials by her, she has not issued press releases, and zero events that I am aware of.

      Waste of time to have a second dem on the stage anyway. If the Libertarians actually presented a third option anymore it might be different.

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      • JD
        October 4, 2016 at 9:13 am

        "..Waste of time to have a second dem on the stage anyways.."

        Reason #4 for younger people to join the Tea Party:

        You're too dumb to realize that Libertarian support is strongest on Michigan college campuses **OR** that Michigan Libertarianss have negatively affected at least one Republican ace Senate previously at over 7%...where Libertarians are currently polling nationwide.

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        • Jason
          October 4, 2016 at 9:44 am

          I am a forgiving person. You have time to apologize.

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  2. JD
    October 4, 2016 at 5:35 am

    ...or don't TeaPartiers in northern Michigan loudly press their candidates on 'liberty' or 'free and open discourse' matters such as these (or any other, such as our children's upcoming/crippling POBs) if there is a big "R" next to their names on this November's ballot?

    Our kid's next 'look out' phrase will soon be:

    "(We're) from the TeaParty...and we're here to help"

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  3. JD
    October 4, 2016 at 6:00 am

    The Tea Party's message to young people over the past 7 years:

    Send us money (we won't tell you that the IRS has been asking us for your data)...come to our meetings...(we'll get angry if you start mentioning generational theft through "no vote of the people required" pension obligation bond legislation CONTINUALLY modified since 2012)...and come to our candidate's debates (we don't debate anybody but Democrats at the largest universities).

    Other than that?

    Welcome!!! 🙂

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    • Jason
      October 4, 2016 at 7:55 am

      You should have gotten out more while you had the chance. Maybe organized something, developed an action group perhaps?

      Run for office, get on a local governing board, enjoy the frustration along with the rest of us.

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      • JD
        October 4, 2016 at 9:44 am

        It is always amazing to me how those with the highest profile and closest to the fire with an enormous well-supplied nozzle in their hand...blame those more than willing to support the needed diameter hose trailing behind them for not a drop reaching the fire in any meaningful manner.
        There are plenty of people fighting their local and state governments every single day under no banner at all. We don't charge admission and we don't ask for anything but a more accurate reporting of the issues.
        When we speak of game-changing issues such as privately funded pension obligation bonds or faux transparency or even the loss of local control?...we don't refuse to even so much as utter the acronym "POB" or discourage debate (ESPECIALLY at universities).

        "...Run for office, get on a local governing board, enjoy the frustration along with the rest of us...."

        You're right. If you aren't fighting under the Republican banner or willing to keep your mouth shut when 'you need to'with fellow Republicans at 'the club'???... then you don't deserve to either fight (locally) or be heard (debated) when the time comes to vote.

        The average Joe or Jill and the struggling young citizens of this state have learned quite a bit from this very elite Republican-based 'edict' for quite some time now. It has kept them away from Tea Party membership drives and culminated in NMU's recent decision being applauded (evidently) by every single Tea partier in the state (see POBs as well).

        By the way...'how much' to get in to that next VIP/Tea Party (party) anyways?

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      • KG One
        October 4, 2016 at 12:43 pm


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