August 8 Is Too Late

Schuette campaign should engage now.

Bill Schuette has long been the presumed favorite as the GOP candidate for Michigan’s Gubernatorial race.

The winds of presumability are shifting however.  A whisper campaign to undermine the defacto favorite is being successfully used by Calley, in conjunction with what appears to be a 5 to 1 advertising buy ratio.

The worst possible outcome of the August 7 primary contest would be a Calley win.  With a Calley win, grassroots activists who were sickened by Governor Snyder’ liberal left policies of higher taxes, Medicaid expansion, inviting/embracing illegal/dangerous immigrants, and a feet first swim in the Detroit river bridge boondoggle will become disengaged faster than one could say ‘Tea Party.’

Even with a subtle Yob campaign of trying to convince some very active Colbeck supporters (think iceberg  – More unseen than in public media) that a Calley Colbeck ticket could come about  (if they would consider Calley), there are enough who won’t be fooled again.

Calley’s “I am a conservative” ads touting his leading the way to conservative reforms rings very hollow in light of a budget that is 11 Billion more than what it was 8 years ago, an Obamacare expansion that is already collapsing, and a (already rejected by voters) road tax that is geared to inflate automatically as our dollar shrinks. (think exponential tax increases) All of those things happened with Brian Calley’s support. Hell, it was Calley who authored the disaster that was the MBT under Granholm.

Wes Nakagiri understood this and tried to engage to correct the GOP left swerving course in 2014. The convention challenge enthusiasm was unfortunately short lived as the chair quickly regained floor control.  Nakagiri was not selected, and some of those who voted Calley at the time now suggest they regret their decision. [PM: Am I right Ray??]

RightMichigan Readers were warned in 2010 about Calley’s left leaning ways.

We have since opined that perhaps Brian Calley is not paying attention to his special needs children as he should.  Considering that parenting time is far more important than a government mandated new tax on insurers (read: rate payers) his wife never should have entered politics as well.

We’ve also pointed out that the unemployment rate claims by Michigan’s administration are misleading.  All of the radio ads telling us that the comeback happened because of Snyder/Calley?  Not so fast Einsteins

Brian Calley should be at the end of his political rope. 

But for the expert handling by Strategic National, he would be.  the droning advertisements telling us how wonderfully conservative the Boy Nerd is, will have effect, especially if it is not countered, and SOON by the Schuette machine.

Schuette, (or anyone) could start with the unemployment rate.  It really hasn’t been so good a recovery until Trump Took Office.

Now the attacks are happening, and the Calley/Yob machine is spreading innuendo and allegations like a farmer spreads manure; wide and plentiful.  And arguably, as 11th hour nonsense like this happens it stinks about the same. Of course should Rick Snyder talk about such concerns… now?

Anyhow, It takes about 10 seconds to have something notarized.  If someone has an issue with a 10 second distraction from those important ‘official’ duties, then NEVER EVER send a united way person to that environment to tie up the staff for an hour, or frankly don’t bother with pleasantries when calling an agency of the government, as Its just a time waste.

Some fights?  Not worth having.

Soon we will learn the campaign expenditures of our would be electables.   Supposedly, Bill Schuette has the better financial resources for handling such a big campaign.

If he is planning to use those resources exclusively for the general, he might as well offer the donors a refund.



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  4 comments for “August 8 Is Too Late

  1. Sue Schwartz
    July 11, 2018 at 4:53 pm

    That's my take too.

    Went and heard Abdul last night. Crowd was smaller. Betsie Coffia introduced him and basically gave his speech before he gave it. Free water, free education, free medical, etc.. Abdul advised how all this "Free" would be paid--The State of Michigan, clap, clap, clap. And corporations--after all they owe us. Some time was spent on line 5, Abdul started with both Calley and Schuette want it closed too. Clap, clap, Clap. Coffie patted them all on the back for taking this issue to task--see what we did--clap, clap clap. (ED NOTE: I can't see it being closed, especially now that it's a No dragging anchor zone.) Abdul, like Calley and Schuette talk in sound-bites and honestly, you cannot tell the players. In fact, after seeing Abdul and the RINO boys within the last five days, I just want to work harder for Colbeck. Scheutte's a nice guy and does pour a mean cup of coffee (i.e., without spilling a drop). A disingenuous endorsement from DC isn't working for me--is it you??? And Snyder's endorsement of Calley will surely work against him. Aren't both sides disgusted with Snyder? We must not forget EVER, that Calley gave us the gas tax increase, fee increases, and crappy roads.

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  2. Corinthian Scales
    July 12, 2018 at 11:15 am

    "Yob also recently purchased three conservative talk radio stations in northern Michigan, according to Federal Communications Commission records. His Mitten News LLC now owns WJNL (101.1 FM in Traverse City and 1210 AM in Kingsley) and WJML (1110 AM in Petoskey)."

    "These are among the Michigan companies owned by or linked to Grand Rapids/ >>>Virgin Islands<<< political consultant John Yob:

    ■Strategic National Consulting LLC, a political consulting firm

    ■Conservative Connector, a company that rents email lists of conservative activists and donors

    ■Conservative Intel LLC, a self-proclaimed conservative Republican insider news website

    ■Direct Mail Integration, which produces direct mail pieces for political campaigns

    ■Transaxt LLC, a firm that helps build political online donation sites and process credit card transactions

    ■190 Personnel LLC, which provided “final walkers” for the kick off of Lt. Gov. Brian Calley’s part-time Legislature petition drive on Mackinac Island

    ■Vertical Strategies, a digital consulting, advertising and website development firm

    ■Advictory, a digital ad management firm

    ■Victory Phones, an “automated telephony” robo-call service for campaigns"

    John Yob: ALL Bullshit - All The Time.

    Ps. at least his father Chuck, is a respectable man.

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    • Corinthian Scales
      July 12, 2018 at 11:24 am

      Oops, strike that last part.

      " and Chuck Yob, a GOP strategist and former Republican National Committeeman."

      Chuck's a cuckservative loser, too.

      As for this turncoat:

      F*** him... with a rusty chainsaw.

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  3. Chuck
    July 19, 2018 at 4:57 pm

    Colebeck! COLEBECK!! COLEBECK!!!!

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