And When It’s Over

Leadership matters.

God willing, the gerrymandering nonsense by team Benson (non partisan my ass) will have failed in the 2020 elections.

Anyone voting for Democrats is literally by definition ..insane. Don’t think so? Try this – Insanity:

  • Severe mental illness or derangement.
  • Unsoundness of mind sufficient to render a person unfit to maintain a contractual or other legal relationship or sufficient to warrant commitment to a mental health facility.
  • Incapacity to form the criminal intent necessary for legal responsibility, as when a mental disorder prevents a person from knowing the difference between right and wrong.

Having said that.. Anyone voting for Republicans need to keep an eye on them as well. When our enemies in power hurt us, we expect it, but when our friends fail to defend us when given the opportunity and mandate, it hurts even more.

In the end, the gatekeepers of craziness can mean very much to us. To that end, what the Executive Director of Great Lakes Gun Rights Brenden Boudreau says is very true. (follow below)

From the inbox:

Dear Jason,

We’re less than a week from the November 8th election and I know that is on the forefront of all our minds.

But there’s another race that I must talk to you about that will be crucial to the future of gun rights in Michigan.

You see, just days after the November 8th General Election, Michigan House Republicans will be meeting to decide who will be the next Speaker of the House, the person who dictates the direction of the House of Representatives.

Right now, that race is rumored to be between State Representative Matt Hall and State Representative Matt Maddock.

While Matt Hall has returned his Great Lakes Gun Rights candidate survey pro-gun, I’m concerned about the sincerity of his commitment to our gun rights.

You see, during the heyday of the Covid lockdowns when Gretchen Whitmer and her Democrat allies in the Legislature were demanding that guns be banned in the State Capitol, Hall essentially agreed with the anti-gun rabble.

According to a Detroit News article from October 2020, Rep. Hall said “at minimum” he would support banning open carry in the House and Senate galleries.

In other words, he left the door WIDE open for supporting an outright ban at the Capitol.

Doesn’t matter that the carry of firearms in the State Capitol has existed without incident for decades.

Because Democrats got freaked out by Michiganders practicing their right to keep and bear arms at their State Capitol building, all rights must be restricted.

Where have we heard that argument before?

Look, I’m not going to say that Rep. Hall is an outright enemy of our rights, but his judgement when it comes to defending our Second Amendment rights is concerning.

Instead of standing up for our rights, he joined the voices of those who called for more restrictions.

Not only that, but during the last legislative session, Rep. Hall completely left gun rights groups out of the loop as he was negotiating with Governor Whitmer on a bill to remove the penalty for accidentally carrying with an expired CPL.

Gun rights groups didn’t get brought into the conversation until we made it clear that we were opposed to the direction he was taking the bill.

What happens if he is elected Speaker, Tudor Dixon becomes our next Governor and Republicans maintain control of the Senate, would Hall stand in the way of Constitutional Carry passing because it might hurt some Democrats’ or lobbyists feelings?

The last thing we need is yet another Speaker like Lee Chatfield or Jason Wentworth who speak a good game on the Second Amendment, but then do nothing to actually advance our rights when they are in office.

Gun owners are watching, and they are tired of the empty promises coming from Lansing.

If Rep. Hall wins the Speaker’s race, he’ll be expected to act quickly to pass a TRUE Constitutional Carry legislative package out of the House and not make excuses for compromise or inaction.

On the other hand, if Rep. Matt Maddock were to become the next Speaker of the House, I have little doubt that he would move quickly to pass Constitutional Carry.

Rep. Maddock has consistently returned his Great Lakes Gun Rights candidate survey, sponsored legislation to repeal handgun registration and co-sponsored Constitutional Carry.

Not only that, but Rep. Maddock has shown no qualms with upsetting the apple cart in Lansing.

The last thing we need is just another go-long-to-get-along politician in Lansing, especially in the Speaker’s Office, one of the most powerful positions in our state government.

One of the first votes your State Representative will take (if they are a Republican) will be who will be the Speaker of the House.

I encourage you to contact them and find out who they are planning on supporting.

Urge them to support the candidate who is going to make passing Constitutional Carry and the repeal of handgun registration a priority in 2023.

Keep in mind that Michigan has some of the most draconian carry laws in the nation.

While there are many priorities to get our state back on the right track, decriminalizing the right to carry in Michigan by passing Constitutional Carry MUST be a top priority for lawmakers in 2023.

As you know, Constitutional Carry simply allows anyone who can legally possess a handgun in Michigan to do so, openly or concealed, without having to first obtain Concealed Pistol License.

Under current Michigan law, open carry without a CPL is already legal, so the permit is nothing more than just a tax on wearing a coat.

There are already 25 Constitutional Carry states, including neighboring Indiana and Ohio, so it is long past time for Michigan to pass this commonsense pro-gun legislation.

And if everything goes well next week on Tuesday and Republicans maintain control of the State Legislature, with Tudor Dixon beating Gretchen Whitmer, we’ll have all the puzzle pieces needed for Michigan to become a Constitutional Carry state.

But that only happen if Republican legislative leadership doesn’t get in the way.

I have concerns about how Rep. Hall might act as Speaker of the House based on his past comments as well as his failing to notify the gun rights lobby until well after the fact about his work on a piece of gun legislation with Governor Whitmer.

But if Rep. Maddock becomes the Speaker, I am confident that he would make Constitutional Carry a priority.

Regardless, you and I will have to remain vigilant by holding our elected officials accountable to their promises made during the campaign.

I’ll keep you posted on how things shake out in the Michigan House Speaker’s race.

For Freedom,

Brenden Boudreau
Executive Director
Great Lakes Gun Rights


If you have a few bux, the link to give support:

Make holding the legislature worth something.  Talk to your winning State rep.


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  2 comments for “And When It’s Over

  1. KG One
    November 5, 2022 at 10:37 am

    Providing for Detroit bailouts, balking at abolishing the Michigan income tax, imposing on Michigan Motorists a gas tax hike that would have made Gretchen Whitmer blush with envy (VERY short list, BTW)...yeah, why would I have a problem trusting the word of "republicans" like Matt Hall?

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  2. Corinthian Scales
    November 5, 2022 at 12:20 pm

    So, in other words what you are saying, Matt Hall it is, due to the fact that we all know Barracuda Betsy is not amused with lowly Boobus Michiganderus shenanigans, and you will march to their tune.

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