And in Other News… Water is Wet

Happen to notice this gem of true Romney/Rockefeller Republicanism in the Twitter feed sidebar? Unfortunately, with most focused on Snyder and Calley’s annually increasing $2,000,000,000 tax hike ‘wants’ on May 5th, pragmatic clown Nolan pumping our legislators to ram through Bolger’s Wholesale fuel tax hike boondoggle with same ratchet mechanism, which much to our disappointment this guy breathed new life in that false premise of throwing $1.2B more at a deeply flawed MDOT, and the looming Wayne County bailout. Did I forget to mention Snyder and Calley’s costly Green Energy mandate with 100% government bureaucrat control? Yes, that too. Well, here’s another one of Snyder and Calley’s latest big government central-planning ‘wants’ is deserving some attention, too.

happy-snyderIn an interview that aired Monday on Michigan Public Radio Network stations, Snyder said it will be a “huge issue” if Michigan residents are no longer able to qualify for the incentives [wealth redistribution]. He said U.S. Rep. Fred Upton, R-St. Joseph, is leading discussion of a possible congressional solution if the tax credits are denied.

Short of that, Snyder said he would ask the Republican-controlled Legislature to make Michigan’s a state-run exchange.

“That raises the issue, should we be looking at a state exchange, and that’s a dialogue I’d have to have with the Legislature,” Snyder told MPR’s Rick Pluta.


Wouldn’t the Romney clan’s other Utah friends like Mike Leavitt, just love that? Cha-ching again! says those connected with BC/BS of Michigan. And, if one has read about Upton’s so-called “off-ramp” they’d quickly realize it’s just more of the same fixed market government overreach (yep, Ron Paul included) serving to illustrate how “R” is for reversing into a ditch when those with a “D” gladly drive off a cliff with the accelerator pedal mashed through the radiator. Is there reason why Rick Snyder is on the Top 10 List? You betchya.

And, it only gets worse.

Noticeably worse if one has read what Chair Schuette, of the Republican Attorneys General Association, who recently penned his “prescription,” which is little more than a rehash of what Florida’s AG told us in 2012, only with Schuette adding the feature of adult *children* staying on mom and/or dad’s policy to age 27.

Little_Ronna_and_Hinky_BillIt is Romneycare for the states. That is the Republican Party’s solution to Obamacare – Finis – the end. That’s another reason why Willard was not selected in 2008, and was roundly trounced in 2012 by Obama. It’s unfortunate but, the apparatchik running the Republican show on every level have no designs to hold itself to platform, act with principle or integrity other than to bray that they are Conservatism, Inc.™, which is utterly meaningless. Why vote for Democrat-lite when the same vote can buy the real thing?

Speaking for myself, all the above is a slap in the face to Constitutional Conservatives everywhere. Perhaps, the only viable option is to pound stakes for a new tent on fertile soil? Bottom line, what we have as two Party options now – sucks.

Ps. I have yet to be convinced how those on Team R see it as a *smart* sales pitch to extend age of majority status to 27-year-olds on mom and/or dad’s insurance policy when youngins would financially be in the catbird seat by simply signing up for Medicaid instead of carrying the expense of the insurance policy. Sure, it’s crappier coverage, however, it costs nothing and young people have the luxury that they can afford to gamble on that. Obviously, some folks have limited understanding of how money really works.

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