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Something Doesn’t Add Up

We are in deep doo-doo or ..'science' is simply out of control.

Fish are spreading the China virus.

Well maybe not that, but something strange is going on.  Researchers are only now discovering the virus on the beaches of Lake Superior. WZZM reports that weekly testing has finally revealed another danger to our very existence.

”  It’s mysterious, as Melvin says, because since the Fourth of July, he’s been taking samples every weekend from eight beaches along Lake Superior and testing them with his team for the presence of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.


Then, after sampling the weekend of September 11, he found trace amounts of the virus in water along four Duluth beaches: Brighton Beach, the 42nd Avenue beach, the beach near Leif Erickson park, and the beach on Park Point near the Franklin Tot Lot.   “

Which is particularly odd if we operate under the assumption that sunlight or UV light within sunlight kills Covid-19 within 30 minutes.

Or does it?  Try #DuckGo ing sunlight and Covid-19.  Half is dedicated to “YES – Sunlight kills it,” and the other half is “Wait – Not so fast!” ..Hoo boy.

My guess?  Someone is messing with the equipment, someone handling the tests is infected, or someone is looking for a grant.  When something makes zero sense, it either is as ludicrous as it seems OR it is intentional.

Or we really are in the middle of the apocalypse.

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