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Jocelyn Benson Belongs Behind Bars

As if there’s not enough going on today involving our police, right? Now, our elected good guys with a badge not only have to watch for criminals on our streets, they also are tasked with the duty of keeping an eye on elected criminal Democrats in Lansing.

Sheriff Leaf notified Barry County through Facebook he had received a ballot application at his home for someone who not only hadn’t lived there in two decades but was also dead.

“This creates a problem with Sheriff’s Offices across the state because we are tasked with investigating voter fraud.” Leaf posted. “Our township, city and county clerks have the most up-to-date registered voter lists.”

Leaf says anyone who gets someone else’s ballot application should turn it over to police so they can protect the public from possible voter fraud.

Benson. Behind bars. She knows what she is doing does nothing but assist the Democrats with trying to steal the November election for senile pedo Joe and parasite Peters, to top it all off; Benson wants another $40M from the Feds to pay for the fraud because the $4.5M she has already pissed away just isn’t enough.

Notice what happens in the Fake News with ‘Experts’ because Gov. Whitmer made all of her Executive Orders a farce while virtue signaling? I bet you all thought the tongue-in-cheek remark at the end was just a joke. Nope. They’re all in on it together.

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Michigan Health ‘Experts’ Must Not Have Got The Memo

Headline: Black Lives Matter protests could spike coronavirus rates, Michigan experts say


Game over ‘experts’ but, thanks for playing.

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Video Blog – BLM? No Thanks

'Get along - go along types' need to stiffen up spines just a bit.

We are in a war.

Its not a race war, but race itself is being used as a stalking horse.  Our leadership needs to stop playing to the temper tantrums thrown by the victim class and wise up to the underlying mission of leftist Alinsky types who have been running said victims as they have since 1964.

None of this is about equality. It is about power.  It is about the moneyed left’s power to manipulate every segment of divisiveness present within our cultural differences.

In the end it is about who gets to distribute whatever resources are left.

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Devoid of liberty, protests will cannibalize themselves

Had the police brutality protests focused on what we all watched on the video of a bad cop killing a civilian, all of America would be on board for meaningful changes and justice.

Saul Alinsky would be proud of what we are all witnessing on the streets of America today.  His Rules for Radicals tactics are being carried out flawlessly.

The question remains as to whether or not this movement will cannibalize itself, or simply fade with past social change movements.

The reason is simple, the selfishness of the organizers, and leaders within these social groups which focuses on the abuse of power solely from the perspective of one demographic, generally at the expense of the mass majority of everyone else.

An example would be the difference in treatment from both the government and the media towards lockdown, and police brutality protesters who are both protesting abuse of power.

Had the police brutality protests focused on what we saw on the video of a bad cop killing a civilian, all of America would be on board for meaningful changes and justice.

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